Blessur d`amour

9/4/24 in Ostseebad Wustrow

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  • Wednesday, Sep 4, 202419:00 o'clock
Jazz & Chanson, Theatre & Stage

The anatomy of love - a musical first-aid kit of comfort for wounded hearts

Putting together a small medicine chest of comfort for wounded hearts - that's what Marie Giroux (mezzo-soprano), Jenny Schäuffelen (piano & accordion) and Gunnar Seitz (guitar) promise with their concert program "Blessur d'amour".

They draw from the French chansong heritage of Sardou, Becaud, Aznavour, Ferré and many more and search for answers: Does chocolate help against lovesickness or is chocolate ice cream better? Can one love be replaced by another as a placebo, like sweetener instead of sugar? Can the heart be deceived? Is it possible to fall out of love, and is there a collection point for ex-lovers?

No matter what questions arise in the matter of love, the musicians try to get to the bottom of the mystery of love and explore its various facets.

Since they have no package insert in their luggage, no one needs to ask the doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects ... the musicians guarantee this with charm, wit, voices, piano, guitar, accordion and a lot of heart and soul.

Admission is free, reservations are requested under 038220/251.

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Sep 4, 2024 19:00 o'clock
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