Baabe reads... André Farin "Bismarck on Rügen"

7/30/24 in Baabe

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In January we welcome André Farin with his book "Bismarck on Rügen"

Otto von Bismarck is known to have visited the Island of Rügen three times. The first two visits in 1838 and 1854 were just day trips to get to know the Prince of Putbus and his young residence and to advise the Prussian King on the Crimean crisis. The third trip to Rügen in the fall of 1866 was initially intended as a short stay on the Baltic Sea to recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life in Berlin. This eventually turned into several weeks, as Bismarck fell so ill that a return trip to the capital was out of the question. Do you know why Otto von Bismarck was able to recover so quickly on Rügen that fall? And managed almost without red wine, fatty food and cigars? André Farin provides the answers!

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