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8/1/24 in Ostseebad Wustrow

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Jazz & Chanson, World Music, Classical Music

Jaspar Libuda: composition, five-string double bass Daniel Moheit: composition, accordion

The Berlin composer and double bassist Jaspar Libuda and his accordionist Daniel Moheit present their latest duo album "Alarm auf der Zeitwacht", which has been released on the Berlin label Cinematic Bass Music. The duo paints sound pictures with the unusual combination of double bass and accordion. The result is musical stories without words. Stories that leave room for the feelings and associations of their listeners. Jaspar Libuda plays on a five-string double bass with a high C-string that was specially built and customized for him in Germany. Daniel Moheit plays a chromatic button accordion built in Italy. The two musicians have been working together for more than twenty years.

The pictorial compositions on the duo's latest album were written by Jaspar Libuda and Daniel Moheit. "Wonders of the Century", "The Little and the Big Sister", "Diary of a Journey" and the other musical chapters seem to flow from a book of stories into the ear with light, bright and dark, thoughtful themes. The double bass and accordion merge into a surprising dialog in which both musicians use their instruments in a different context than usual. Jaspar Libuda makes the mighty string instrument sing. Plucked and bowed, from the lowest to the highest notes, he creates timbres reminiscent of cello, Arabic lute or electric guitar. In Daniel Moheit's playing, the accordion becomes a voice, a supporting bass, a bandoneon and a percussion instrument. Transparent, filigree threads of sound alternate with dense, orchestral passages. Free, pulsating motifs develop into rhythmic escapades. Vivid transitions, flowing lines and dramatic contrasts make the chamber music of Jaspar Libuda and Daniel Moheit an exciting form of sonorous stories.

After Jaspar Libuda devoted himself in recent years primarily to his double bass solo project and internationally commissioned compositions for film and dance theater, the two musicians are currently working on their second album. A four-movement composition by Jaspar Libuda, which the duo presented live for the first time in summer 2019, is also planned for recording. The completion of the new album is planned for 2024.

Tickets (€18/ with spa card: €15) are available on 038220/80465.

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Tickets (18€/ with spa card: 15€) are available on 038220-80465.

Event dates
  • Thursday, Aug 1, 2024 20:00 o'clock
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