• Touristinformation Neustrelitz, © Stadt Neustrelitz
    Touristinformation Neustrelitz
  • Nationalparktor Neustrelitz, © Stadt Neustrelitz
    Nationalparktor Neustrelitz
  • Schlossgarten Hebetempel, © Stadt Neustrelitz
    Schlossgarten Hebetempel
  • Weiße Brücke Zierker See, © Stadt Neustrelitz
    Weiße Brücke Zierker See
  • Neustrelitz Schlossgarten, © Stadt Neustrelitz
    Neustrelitz Schlossgarten
  • neustrelitz erleben, © Stadt Neustrelitz
    neustrelitz erleben

National park visitor centre in Neustrelitz

Accommodation bureau, event service, sale of touristic relevant articles such as bike and hiking maps, picture postcards, illustrated books, guided city tours (including climbing the tower of the city’s cathedral), awarding touristic fishing licences

The baroque residence city Neustrelitz with its star-shaped centre and palace garden is located in the middle of the Mecklenburger Seenplatte.

Visit the festival in the palace garden (July) with open-air operetta, the theatre and the plastic gallery “Schlosskirche” (May - beginning of October). Relax during a walk through the forest-like animal garden with a walk-in compound and 40 different animal species.

Get active while nicking, weaving, felting, making pottery, hammering and braiding at a visit of the “Slawendorf” at the Zierker See (April – October, Mo-Fri). Experience nature whilst going on a 12 kilometre long walk around the Zierker See. or going on a cruise on it.

Discover the palace garden with an orangery, the “Götterallee”, the “Gedächtnishalle” for queen Luise of Prussia and the “Hebetempel”. Visit the theatre, the market place with the city’s cathedral (observation tower) and the city hall as well as the harbour at the Zierker See.

Discover the untouched nature of the neighbouring Müritz-Nationalpark with the UNESCO world nature heritage “Serrahner Buchenwälder” by foot, waterborne or by bike. No matter if you come by car, by boat, by bike, by public transportation or by caravan – Neustrelitz is always worth a trip.


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Tourist- und Nationalparkinformation Neustrelitz

Strelitzer Straße 1
17235  Neustrelitz

+49 3981 4534-105

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Tourist- und Nationalparkinformation Neustrelitz
Strelitzer Straße 1
17235 Neustrelitz

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