• Ausstellung Barhöft am Turm, © K. Bärwald
    Ausstellung Barhöft am Turm
  • Blick vom Turm, © K. Bärwald
    Blick vom Turm
  • Barhöft innen2, © K. Bärwald
    Barhöft innen2
  • Spielend lernen im Informationszentrum, © K. Barwäld
    Spielend lernen im Informationszentrum

National park visitor centre in Barhöft

Visitor centre of the National Park “Vorpommernsche Boddenlandschaft”

What can the national park around Barhöft offer? The exhibition in the “Haus am Kliff” offers an all-round view. The “Pluster”, a quite wilful bird, reveals its three friends, which secrets can be spotted in the windy tideland, the reed, the Baltic Sea, the indentation and at the cliff of Barhöft. The short tour with these four through the national park does not only make kids wildlife experts. Adults and foreign guests will also develop the desire to discover the protective area because of great photographs, lovely drawings and some “Nationalpark zum Anfassen”.

Whoever climbs the tower right next door has an amazing view over the national park as well as the island and lagoons of the Baltic Sea.


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Nationalpark Informationszentrum Barhöft

Haus Norden Am Barhöfter Kliff 1
18445  Barhöft

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Nationalpark Informationszentrum Barhöft
Haus Norden Am Barhöfter Kliff 1
18445 Barhöft

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