Tempzin Monastery

The impressive historical monastery complex, with its abbey church and gardens, was an important place of pilgrimage and place for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela to stop at for a while. On the monastery grounds, there is a hostel for the pilgrims of today. As a centre of pilgrimage in Mecklenburg, Tempzin regularly offers ecumenical pilgrimages, Ora-et-Labora weekends and the chance to take some time off and enjoying a "retreat" in the monastery.

The striking monastery church of Tempzin belongs to the old preceptory of St Antonius. The late Gothic brick building, with its portal, is probably the largest church in Mecklenburg and is proof of Tempzin's importance as a place of pilgrimage and hospital.

These days, you can still see the monastery church, the Gothic "warm house" and some walls of other monastery buildings. Tempzin Monastery has picturesque gardens, a small chapel and a small 19th century house where an estate tenant used to live.

For several years now, Tempzin Monastery has been a meeting place for pilgrims and people seeking peace and quiet. Walkers and pilgrims can spend the night in the restored Gothic "warm house", and take part in the prayers. Ecumenical pilgrimages for groups start from Tempzin several times a year.


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Pilgerkloster Tempzin

An der Klosterkirche 3
19412  Tempzin

+49 (0)38483 28329

Pilger-Kloster Tempzin e.V., An der Klosterkirche 3, 19412 Zahrensdorf
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Pilgerkloster Tempzin
An der Klosterkirche 3
19412 Tempzin

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