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Neustrelitz Palace Gardens

The ducal Palaca Garden in Neustrelitz is a gem of 18th and 19th century garden art. In all seasons it invites you to stroll and discover.

The baroque garden of the residential city Neustrelitz was laid out between 1726 and 1732 and a few years later it was redesigned according to the Versailles model. The extension to the English landscape garden was made in the middle of the 19th century according to plans by horticultural director Peter Joseph Lenné from Potsdam and master builder Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel. In the well-kept Palace Gardens, numerous fountains, figures, copies of antique sculptures and magnificent vases tell the story of 18th and 19th century culture and garden art.

The end of the baroque central axis is the temple built in 1821 by Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel. In the Palace Gardens, the Prussian queen Louise is given a memorial hall in the classical style, in which there is a copy of the second Smoke's grave statue made of white Carrara marble. The born Prínzessin zu Mecklenburg-Strelitz died in 1810 during a visit to her father, Grandhearted Carl of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, in Hohenzieritz. Other important buildings in the castle garden ensemble have been the neo-Gothic castle church and the classicist orangery since the demolition of the castle in 1945. Many beautiful walks lead through the castle garden, such as the Götterallee with copies of ancient deities and allegorical figures, which are attractive at any time of the year.

Here in summer, you can experience the popular operetta open-air operettas of the Neustrelitzer Theater at the Palace Garden Festival (German website).


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