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SOULBALANCE- Man through Horse offers you different therapy approaches as psychotherapy accompanying measures to improve your mental well-being. Discover our animal- and horse-supported individual therapy offers, e.g. accompanying trauma therapy or other psychological impairments.

SOULBALANCE-Mensch durch Pferd has been working successfully in equine assisted personal development and equine assisted therapy since 2012. We take care of guests from all over the German-speaking world who find their way to us due to various psychological disorders. What makes us special? Over the years we have developed into a specialist for equine assisted therapy and offer our services as psychotherapy accompanying measures. Our goal is to stabilize and harmonize our therapy guest on the emotional level, so that the way for the actual healing process becomes clearer.

We ensure a comfortable atmosphere with our individual therapy offers, in which we can deal with each guest individually. Depending on the severity of the disorder, we have developed various offers that provide optimal support. Our short therapy takes place over 4 days of 2.5 hours each and is well suited for people who are struggling with mild depression or who have lost their hold on themselves due to current life circumstances. Our compact therapy is designed over 2 weeks of 8 x 2 hours each and is ideal for disorders such as burn out, depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and for people with high sensitivity. Our intensive therapy is specially designed for people who suffer from the consequences of traumatic experiences. It takes place over 10 x 2-3 hours and allows for a very sheltered and sensitive setting. For each guest there are 5 mini ponies and 4 large horses available and a therapist who lovingly designs the therapy process for you.

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SOULBALANCE - Mensch durch Pferd

Kummerower Weg 2
18442 Groß Kordshagen

+49 38231 669980

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SOULBALANCE - Mensch durch Pferd
Kummerower Weg 2
18442 Groß Kordshagen

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© Archiv Zoo Stralsund

Stralsund Zoo

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  • Grünhufer Bogen, 18437 Stralsund

The largest zoo in Vorpommern with 800 animals in 120 species and shapes offers a "journey through the fantastic world of animals!" - from chimpanzees to tarantulas, from farms to jungles.

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© Nationalparkamt Vorpommern

“Sundische Wiese“ - National park information of Zingst

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  • Sundische Wiese, 18374 Zingst

The exhibition “Lebensräume“ displays the history and present of the Ostzingst.

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Bible Center Barth

  • Closed today
  • Sundische Straße, 18356 Barth

Experience exhibition on the Bible - with the Barth Bible from 1588 as the most prominent representative, a Bible garden and Christian rose garden. State-approved place of learning with various cultural and educational events for all interested.

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Schlemmin Rose Garden and Rose Dew Ceramics

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  • Eickhofer Straße, 18320 Schlemmin

At Rosentau ceramics we make decorative ceramics. Each piece is unique and a very special souvenir!

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© Schloss Hohendorf

Hohendorf Castle

  • Am Park, 18445 Hohendorf

Classic meets modern: a property to touch, relax & enjoy. 26 apartments: with tower. with gallery. Individual. Special. Different.

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Organic roastery LandDelikat

  • Closed today
  • Nelkenstraße, 18356 Barth

Our family business in the national park region Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, feels particularly close to the unique nature and wants to contribute to its protection with sustainable management.

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Vineta World of Experience

  • Open today
  • Papenstraße, 18356 Barth

The Vineta experience world takes our young guests into a play world around the sunken city that gave Barth its nickname. Here there are listening stations, coloring sections, costumes to dress up in, the underwater world with chillout area and much more.

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© Schlösschen

Café & Beer Garden Sundische Wiese

  • Open today
  • Landstraße, 18374 Zingst

Welcome to the nature! Take advantage of the tranquility in the midst of beautiful nature to relax for a few minutes.

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The Keksdieb team bakes fresh dog snacks every day, © Keksdieb

Cookie thief

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Why not pay a visit to the Keksdieb-Manufaktur... After a tour of the production facilities and the factory shop, you can try out the handmade treats on a walk through the meadows and fields (directly behind the manor house).

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© Surfschule Barth

Surf school Barth

  • Glöwitz, 18356 Barth

Water sports on the Barther Bodden. Windsurfing, sailing, canoe/kayak tours, catamaran sailing, rowing.

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© Ostseemühle/Zaepernick

Baltic mill - healthy for gourmets

  • Open today
  • Dorfstraße, 18320 Langenhanshagen

We love the real, unadulterated. With us you will find completely natural cold-pressed vegetable oil and gluten-free flour from oilseeds or nuts. Here you will look in vain for preservatives, additives and artificial flavors. All products are carefully handmade by us.

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© Tourismuszentrale Hansestadt Stralsund


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  • Barther Straße, 18437 Stralsund

The Bistro Delikater is located at the Festwiese in the Stralsund Zoo and offers everything from coffee and cake to hot lunch. Under the management of professional staff, the bistro also employs people with disabilities.

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Vorpommernhus Klausdorf

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  • Prohner Str., 18445 Klausdorf

Leisure, culture, sports, education and guest information under one roof.

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The clinic church on the Hospital West site, © Föderverein Klinikumskirche zu Stralsund e.V.

Stralsund Hospital Church

  • Rostocker Chaussee, 18437 Stralsund

Chamber concerts are held regularly in the Stralsund hospital church.

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© HanseDom Stralsund GmbH

HanseDom Stralsund

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In the HanseDom Stralsund you can enjoy bathing fun and slide adventures 365 days a year. White water canal, wave pool and waterfall offer a sparkling water pleasure. The little ones splash around in the SeesternchenOase. Escape into the magical relaxation worlds of our sauna world and enjoy a sensual world of wellness & beauty.

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