passenger ship "Mudder Schulten", © Sebastian Lüdemann
Excursion boat trips

Boat trips on the Tollensesee and Lieps

We invite you to delightful cruises on the Tollensesee and Lieps. Enjoy the tranquility of a comfortable ride on the water.

The passenger ship "Mudder Schulten" was put into service in 1979. There are 71 seats in two heated and air-conditioned rooms. In addition, there are 50 seats on the sun deck. The physical well-being of the passengers during the trip is taken care of with coffee and cake, ice cream, a small snack as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Your captain is Eckhard Lüdemann.
He has been a skipper on the Tollensesee since 1978. Since 1983 he leads the "Mudder Schulten". Since 2004 he is the owner of this ship.

Round trips & special trips

  • small tour with a duration of 1,5 hours (about half the length of the Tollensesee)
  • medium tour with a duration of 2,0 hours (the complete Tollensesee)
  • large tour with a duration of 2,5 hours through Tollensesee and Lieps

The tours lead from the landing stage in the culture park to the lido Broda, past the Belvedere, the camping place Gatscheck, Klein Nemerow, Behmshöhe and the Augustabad.

We can dock anywhere upon request.

Special trips

Would you like your family or company celebration to take place in a different environment? Why not hold it on a ship for once. Enjoy the romantic flair of a trip on the Tollensesee in front of the gates of the city of Neubrandenburg. We organize a warm or cold buffet for you. Barbecue trips are also possible.


Driving time:Driving time:
1,5 h 17,00 €1,5 hrs. 8,50 €
2,0 hrs. 18,00 €2,0 hrs. 9,00 €
2,5 hrs. 19,00 €2,5 hours 9,50 €


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Fahrgastschiff Mudder Schulten

Friedländer Straße 7
17033 Neubrandenburg
0395 5841218

Your destination:
Fahrgastschiff Mudder Schulten
Friedländer Straße 7
17033 Neubrandenburg

Relaxed from door to door:

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Route planner:

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What's nearby?

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© Iris Tischer

Gevezin Manor House

  • Hofstraße, 17039 Gevezin

Spend the night well. Good entertainment. Recover well. At Gutshaus Gevezin, visitors can enjoy mindfulness and relaxation and at the same time find space for recreation and entertainment.

Read more: "Gevezin Manor House"
© SSGK MV / Funkhaus Creative

Hohenzieritz Castle

  • Closed today
  • Schlossplatz, 17237 Hohenzieritz

Hohenzieritz went down in history as the place where the legendary Queen Luise of Prussia died. The castle was once the summer residence of the Dukes of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Today, a memorial in the castle provides information about Queen Luise. One of the earliest landscape gardens in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern extends behind the palace. It was created from 1771 by the English garden architect Thomson.

Read more: "Hohenzieritz Castle"
© TMV/Tiemann

Observation tower Behmshöhe

  • Open today
  • 17033 Neubrandenburg

See the four-gate city of Neubrandenburg from above? The Behmshöhe observation tower invites you to an impressive view.

Read more: "Observation tower Behmshöhe"
© TMV/Gohlke

Penzlin Castle - Witch Museum

  • Open today
  • Burg, 17217 Penzlin

Cultural History Museum of Everyday Magic and Witch Persecutions in Mecklenburg

Read more: "Penzlin Castle - Witch Museum"
Franciscan Monastery Neubrandenburg, © Thomas Oppermann

Regional Museum Neubrandenburg

  • Closed today
  • Stargarder Straße, 17033 Neubrandenburg

The Neubrandenburg Regional Museum (founded in 1872) is one of the oldest civic museums in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Read more: "Regional Museum Neubrandenburg"
© Burg Stargard

Stargard Castle

  • Burg, 17094 Burg Stargard

The castle complex, built around 1236, now houses a museum, herb and root garden and a garment tailor shop, offering visitors a unique glimpse into life in the Middle Ages.

Read more: "Stargard Castle"
© Christin Drühl

Prillwitz hunting lodge

  • Prillwitz, 17237 Hohenzieritz

In 1890 the house was built as a hunting lodge of the Grand Duke of Strelitz in the neo-Renaissance style. The old manor house next to it is a simple 11-axis building over two floors. The facade of the hunting lodge is richly articulated and changes from red clinker to sandstone. The theme of hunting is found in the decor of the house. Inside, parts of the wall paneling have been preserved. Also noteworthy is the beautiful lake location on the Lieps.

Read more: "Prillwitz hunting lodge"
© TMV/Gohlke

Neubrandenburg Playhouse

  • Pfaffenstraße, 17033 Neubrandenburg

Venue within the Theater und Orchester GmbH Neubrandenburg/Neustrelitz

Read more: "Neubrandenburg Playhouse"
© AG Chemnitz

Strawberry & adventure farm Chemnitz

  • Neubrandenburger Str., 17039 Blankenhof OT Chemnitz

An eventful excursion for young and old! Space to romp, play, barbecue, pet animals and harvest! Agrargesellschaft Chemnitz is a classic mixed farm with arable farming and game management. On more than 2,000 hectares of arable land and grassland, field farming and animal husbandry of fallow and rusty deer, dairy cows and suckler cows are carried out with professional know-how and modern machinery.

Read more: "Strawberry & adventure farm Chemnitz"
© Rico Stoltenfeld

RS Land finishing

  • Strelitzer Str., 17094 Burg Stargard

Visit our farm store with regional products from our mother-cow husbandry with direct marketing.

Read more: "RS Land finishing"
© Milchhof Warlin

Milk filling station, Warlin

  • Hauptstr., 17039 Warlin

Enjoy the genuine taste of our fresh milk, which you can tap directly and around the clock with us. In the Regiomaten we offer you other regional products.

Read more: "Milk filling station, Warlin"
© Horst

Country farm to the dairy

  • Meierei, 17217 Penzlin / Mallin

In the heart of Mecklenburg, near the Tollensesee, in the middle of forest, meadow and water you will find our small pension with 22 beds. On 9 hectares of farm you will find your well-deserved rest and at the same time have a charming starting point for your active recreation.

Read more: "Country farm to the dairy"
© EBB Alt Rehse

Learning and GeDenkOrt Alt Rehse

  • Am Gutshof, 17217 Alt Rehse

Alt Rehse is an idyllic place on Lake Tollensee, charged with history. An exhibition and guided tours provide information about the "Führer School of the German Medical Profession", which was established from 1934.

Read more: "Learning and GeDenkOrt Alt Rehse"
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