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To experience the largest bird in the world up close is always a special experience. With us you will find large and small flocks on an 18 hectare site. But especially the ostrich chicks enchant young and old again and again in a very special way. These cavort from spring on lush pastures and perform their dances. You can find products around the ostrich in the farm store and in the online store

Our philosophy:Our animals run on generous unfertilized pastures and are fed ecologically without additives. The meat grows naturally and is therefore particularly valuable. The exoticism of the animals naturally leads many visitors to us. We make sure that both the people and the animals feel equally comfortable. This is possible due to the spaciousness of the premises.

Our way of working:In the beginning there is the ostrich egg - after 42 days a chick hatches, it is always a small miracle. With us this happens in the incubator. After three days it is already lively and starts to eat. The first six to eight weeks the beautiful chicks need a lot of care and attention, they are very sensitive. Later it becomes easier. The ostriches are outside the whole year. They are then fed once a day, the rest they have to find themselves in the pasture. At about 12-16 months the animals are ready for slaughter. We have the slaughtering done at an approved ostrich slaughterhouse.

We are ostrich farmers 7 days a week and that with heart and soul. Besides feeding, we have to set up and maintain the areas and the facility. Visitors have a thousand questions about this great bird.

Then there is the farm store, the heart of the farm. Here, guests are always impressed by what can be made from the ostrich and its products. A touch of Africa in the middle of Mecklenburg. The most dangerous part, however, remains the collection of the eggs. The rooster is so careful that it can quickly escape over the 1.80 m high fence. That is, to the ostrich breeding one must be also sporty.

During the season (April-October) the farm is open all day for a tour.

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Exhibits by Dr. Ernst Alban, © Jörn Lehmann

Castle Museum Plau am See

  • Open today
  • Burgplatz, 19395 Plau am See

Children and museums - you might think that doesn't fit. In Plau am See, that's not true. The town has a museum where even the young won't get bored. The former Plau Castle offers interesting insights into history, and it also houses a unique museum of local history and technology.

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© TMV/Tiemann

Wangelin garden

  • Open today
  • Nachtkoppelweg, 19395 Wangelin

Observe - grasp - marvel - enjoy in the largest medicinal herb garden in Mecklenburg. In addition to medicinal herbs, you will also find aromatic, magical and dyeing plants, as well as a butterfly garden and a typical North German farm garden. The garden's harvest can be tasted in the garden café and children can let off steam in the playscape.

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© Heike Eickholt

Kuppentin waterway rest area / nature camping & Bermuda Triangle harbor

  • Open today
  • Am Mühlenberg, 19386 Broock

Great water hiking rest area with space for boats, tents and RVs located directly in the forest. SUP, canoe and bike rental and small gastronomy.

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Exterior view Zahren Manor, © DOMUSImages

Good Zahren

  • Dorfstraße, 19386 Zahren

Space for ideas - that is the motto of the spacious estate with French flair. There are vacation apartments, lounges, seminar rooms and an estate kitchen.

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© Rundbus Plauer See

Circular bus Plauer See bus stop 03 - Heidenholz 2

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Quetziner Straße, 19395 Plau am See


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© Touristinformation Goldberg

Goldberg Nature Museum and Tourist Information

  • Open today
  • Müllerweg, 19399 Goldberg

Whether on the water, on horseback or on numerous hiking and cycling routes in the Goldberg-Mildenitz region in the Mecklenburg Lake District, you have countless opportunities for active recreation. For your vacation, the tourism association offers useful information on accommodation, tours, events and much more.

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© TMV/Gohlke

Old town hall in Parchim

  • Schuhmarkt, 19370 Parchim

The impressive Parchim town hall with a unique town hall cellar dates back to the 14th century with its core substance.

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Simple and beautiful: Zarchlin manor house, © Krüger

Manor house Zarchlin

  • Dorfstraße, 19395 Zarchlin

Ecologically renovated house with design vacation apartments, seminar room, large kitchen and music rehearsal room. Plain manor house with 100 historic windows in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Awarded the Federal Prize for Craftsmanship in the Preservation of Historical Monuments.

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Unique castle complex in Passow, © Manuela Engel-Dahan

Passow Castle

  • Am Schloß, 19386 Passow

A special castle in the lake district for culture and with free space. 13 guest rooms are available for groups or events.

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© Andre Hamann

Daschow Castle Country Hotel

  • Schloßstr., 19386 Gallin-Kuppentin

Hotel run as a bed & breakfast - ideal for vacations, culture and small celebrations, in the midst of a beautiful landscape. A place steeped in history, which conveys peace and deceleration from the first moment.

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© Heidekrug-Plauersee

Circular bus Lake Plau Stop 05 Plau am See Heidekrug

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Rostocker Chaussee, 19395 Plau am See

Stop 05 Heidekrug: Welcome to the Gasthof & Hotel Heidekrug, the Bode apiary and the Reichelt family farm

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© Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Stadtmarina Lübz - Blue Line Charter

  • Schulstraße, 19386 Lübz

Stadtmarina Lübz offers houseboat rental, yacht charter, boat rental, moorings and much more to meet your needs.

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© Rundbus Plauer See

Rundbus Plauer See bus stop 06 Plau am See Leistener Lanke

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • 19395 Plau am See

Leisten is a district of the town of Plau am See. The Leisten campsite is a wonderful destination for campers. You can also leave your motorhome or camper from here and explore the region around Lake Plau on the circular bus!

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© Parkhotel Klüschenberg

Parkhotel Klüschenberg

  • Klüschenberg, 19395 Plau am See

When you come to us, you come to yourself ... Wonderful location in the middle of the quiet and shady Klüschenberg Park. Fresh Mecklenburg cuisine from local seasonal products. Selected wine cellar with growths from all over the world.

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© TMV / Gohlke

Lift bridge Plau am See

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Dammstraße, 19395 Plau am See

The Plau lift bridge is an industrial monument.

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