the approx. 9 m high rampart in the beech forest of Stubnitz, © Archäo Tour Rügen
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The "Hertha Castle" is a rampart in the forest area of the Stubnitz, which is bordered on one side by the legendary "Hertha Lake".

Even before 1790 the approx. 120 x 60 m large "Hertha Castle" at the Black Lake near the King's Chair was called "de Borgwal". The name Hertha is probably a translation error of Prof. Clüver from the beginning of the 17th century, which goes back to the Germanic goddess Nerthus from the "Germania" of Tacitus. The C-shaped rampart is bordered by the lake from one side and is still 8 to 9 m high inside and even about 17 m high outside. Early test excavations indicate a dating to the 10th/11th century with corresponding finds, such as Slavic sherds, an iron knife and a bronze temple ring. Inside the rampart a stone pavement and a shallow rampart running parallel to the lake could be uncovered. Quite a few sagas and legends entwine around the mystical "Hertha Lake" and the mighty "Hertha Castle".

Author: Dr. Katrin Staude / Archaeo Tour Rügen,

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"Herthaburg" in der Stubnitz

18546 Sassnitz


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"Herthaburg" in der Stubnitz
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