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Uncover the secrets of the "Rügen Chalk" and discover many interesting facts about its geology, the fossils and the use of the chalk. In our museum store you can of course also purchase original Rügen healing chalk and natural cosmetic products based on it.

Discover with us the secrets of the "Rügen chalk". The Gummanz Chalk Museum is located at an original site of chalk mining on the Island of Rügen. It is housed in the former workshop of the Gummanz chalk factory. In the interactive exhibition you will learn many interesting and mysterious things about the geology, fossils and the use of the Rügen chalk.The chalk and nature trail belonging to the museum gives you an insight into the technologies of historical chalk mining, informs you about the characteristic flora and fauna of abandoned chalk quarries and offers you a view over large parts of the Island of Rügen to Stralsund and Hiddensee with the viewing platform on the so-called Kleiner Königsstuhl. The nature trail is about 2 km long.

The Rügen healing chalk is a pure allergen-free natural product, which is extracted from the natural chalk deposits of the Island of Rügen. It consists of more than 90% pure calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and has a
pH value of 8.5 and more, so it is strongly alkaline.
The Rügen healing chalk belongs to the peloids, which are very fine-grained by nature or are used crushed for mud or pulp applications.
In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Rügen healing chalk belongs to the local remedies

Applications with Rügen healing chalk can contribute to the activation of the organism. Among the possible effects are:

  • Stimulation as well as the metabolism and deacidification,
  • Strengthening of the immune system,
  • Stimulation of the heart and circulatory system as well as the promotion of blood circulation.

Depending on the application, the chalk has a cooling, warming, circulation-promoting, metabolism-stimulating, relaxing, deacidifying or anti-inflammatory effect!
For indications such as muscle tension and back pain, various skin problems to the diverse complaints of hyperacidity, positive effects can be achieved with healing chalk applications.

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