Arrival by train

From many parts of Germany, there are already several connections to MV with long-distance trains without changing trains.

Passing a rapeseed field - Intercity 2 of DB Fernverkehr, © Deutsche Bahn AG / Georg Wagner

Arrival by train

From many parts of Germany, there are already several connections to MV with long-distance trains without changing trains.

The well-developed rail network guarantees a climate-conscious and comfortable journey by train. The long-distance trains already take our guests to their destination using 100 percent green electricity - with the focus on service and comfort. Use the family area, have your luggage transported or take your bike with you in comfort. Particularly practical: many hosts also offer a pick-up service.

Destination nature

You can reach sensitive protected regions such as the Biosphere Reserve River Landscape Elbe, the Müritz National Park, the Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve and the Jasmund National Park in a particularly environmentally friendly way thanks to the "Fahrtziel Natur" cooperation. It links climate-friendly rail travel directly with environmentally conscious mobility concepts on site and thus enables relaxed nature experiences in terms of sustainable tourism development.

Your travel planner by train - relaxed from door to door

Travel by train - direct connections and long-distance trains

  • to the Baltic coast to Rostock, Stralsund and the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen with ICE or IC trains, e.g. from Cologne, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin/BER Airport, Dresden or Leipzig
  • to the Mecklenburg Lake District to Waren (Müritz) and Neustrelitz with IC trains - e.g. from Berlin, Dresden, Munich or Cologne
  • From abroad - night connections
    • Direct connection from Vienna to Rostock or Waren (Müritz)
    • Night trains from Zurich, Basel via southern Germany to Hamburg or Berlin, then onward journey with DB to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • From abroad - ÖBB Nightjets
    • Night trains from Zurich, Basel, Vienna and Innsbruck via southern Germany to Hamburg or Berlin, then onward journey by DB to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    • Car transport can be booked from Vienna and Innsbruck to Hamburg
    • Sleeping, couchette or seating coaches bookable
    • Dining car with bar

Travel to the Islands of Rügen, Hiddensee and Usedom

Rügen: From the Hanseatic City of Stralsund, you can reach the towns of Bergen and Sassnitz and the Baltic resort of Binz every hour. Connecting trains run from Bergen to Putbus and Lauterbach.

Hiddensee: A ferry takes you to Hiddensee from the ferry port in Stralsund and from the Island of Rügen. For the journey to the island, you will receive a DB ticket for the entire route including the ferry on many connections.

Island ofUsedom: Vacationers can reach the Island of Usedom via Berlin - Züssow or via Hamburg - Stralsund with a connection to the Usedomer Bäderbahn. To the Usedomer Bäderbahn website.

Special offers from Deutsche Bahn for travel to MV

Accompanying children between the ages of 6 and 14 travel free of charge on many train services. To do this, the accompanying children must be entered on the ticket before departure. Children under the age of 6 always travel free of charge and do not need a ticket. Find out more.

If you would like to take your bicycle with you, you can purchase a bicycle ticket on local trains. This is then valid for the whole day. Bicycles can also be taken on most long-distance trains. Find out more about taking bicycles with you.

Timetable changes may occur due to construction work. You can find current timetable changes and construction site information from Deutsche Bahn here or via the Deutsche Bahn app - "DB Bauarbeiten".


If, on the other hand, you opt for a fuel-free trip, there are numerous car-sharing and rental offers for electric cars in MV - for example the Mobi-Hub at Anklam station. In addition to electric cars, rail travelers can also rent pedelecs, cargo bikes and bicycle trailers here. The attractive locations of the charging points make it possible to take a walk along the Baltic Sea, visit places of interest or charge at your own host's home. You can find more information here.

Other travel options

Discover the unique nature and culture in an environmentally friendly way on varied themed bike paths, such as the Residence Towns Circuit., © TMV/Tiemann

Local Mobility - Environmentally Conscious, Varied, Cost-effective

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From Germany's major cities, buses take you all the way to the Baltic Sea in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way., © Usedomer Bäderbahn GmbH

Arrival by Bus

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On board you will travel on waterways towards Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Be your own captain or use the ferry connections., © Siemens!Ulrich Wirrwa

Arrival by Ship

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Cycling with sea view on the island of Rügen Ummanz, © TMV/

Arrival by Bike

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