Week riding tour through the Griese area

  • circuit via Woosmer and Redefin
  • variable route
  • length variant 1: ca.100 km
  • length variant 2: approx. 130 km
  • Duration: 4 to 5 days
  • extendable by DDR nostalgia tour or potter's farm tour

Riding and driving in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - from very calm to iron wild, © TMV/Hafemann



Week riding tour through the Griese area

The five-day riding tour through the Griese area is peppered with all kinds of individuality. You have the possibility to determine your personal partial routes on this tour, depending on your individual taste.

The five-day riding tour through the Griese area is peppered with all kinds of individuality. You have the possibility to determine your personal partial routes on this tour, depending on your individual taste.

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Day 1: Roam through the beauties of the Griese area on the multi-day tour, starting at the AS farm in Woosmerhof. Get to know the never-ending expanses of pine forests. Take advantage of the ideal riding grounds of the forests between Woosmerhof via Schlesin, Raddenfort towards Neu Kaliß. Get to know the wealth of ideas of the local forestry in the design of resting places. Allow yourself long and extended trotting routes (also suitable for cantering) along the state border up to the Brandenburg village of Eldenburg. You don't have to worry about drinking water for your faithful companion at any time, because you often ride along brooks, water holes or water-rich ditches. Strengthen yourself with the fruits of the blueberry forest near Eldenburg, before you observe numerous cranes and storks along the forest edge and its forest path. Arrive at the Bio Erlebnishof in Grittel after a relaxing day tour. And should you get into the embarrassment that other trail riders have snatched the last sleeping opportunity from under your nose, ride another approx. 6 km in the direction of Stuck to Elkes and Clauses Castle. As enthusiastic endurance riders, the Angelbeck family organizes endurance rides several times a year, so they even know routes of over 120 km in this region.

Day 2: Well slept and well nourished you can start the next day either from Grittel towards Stuck or already from there (Stuck) to new shores. From Stuck you will reach a crossing of the Elde on treadable sandy paths in the direction of the villages Neu Göhren and Malk Göhren before you can ride along the banks of the Elde for kilometers in the company of the Elde. Alternatively, those who still have the day's tour in their bones can get to Malk Göhren directly from Grittel along the signposted stud trail. If you have problems with your shoeing on the way, take the chance to get help from the local blacksmith in Malk Göhren, before you continue via Karenz along the horse paddocks to Glaisin.

In Glaisin, the carriage and horse-drawn carriage ride provider Mock awaits you, where guest and horse are welcome. Marvel at the regionally typical grass-ironstone houses with their black and white Dalmatian look or visit the loving museum in honor of Johannes Gillhoff, born in Glaisin in 1861 (diary novel "Jürnjakob Svehn der Amerikafarher").

Day 3: Now you have two options to ride on: From Glasin to Redefin (variant 1) or from Glasin to Woosmerhof (variant 2):

Variant 1: Glaisin - Leussow - Redefin.

Marvel at the prevailing terminal moraine landscape along the stud trail via Leussow to Redefin on this day or dare to take a detour into the deep interior according to variant 2.

Variant 2: Glaisin - Laupin - Redefin or Glaisin - Woosmerhof

Ride first along the old canal in the direction of Menkendorf, before you reach Niendorf an der Rögnitz at the end of the village on the old unpaved agricultural connecting path. From Niendorf you return via the old clay road at the potter's yardof the Döscher family in Hohenwoos. During your stopover you can decide quite variably whether you would like to ride via Laupin along the border to the military training area of Lübtheen to Redefin or whether you prefer a shorter day tour to Woosmerhof via Tewswoos.

Day 4: On we go: From Redefin to Melkhof / Brömsenberg (variant 1) or Woosmerhof via Redefin to Melkhof / Brömsenberg (variant 2).

Variant 1: Redefin - Melkof

Variant 2: Woosmerhof - Redefin - Melkof

After a shorter route on the third day, you will arrive from Woosmerhof via Tewswoos along the border to the military training area of Lübtheen via Laupin to the village border of Loosen. Along the signposting of the military training area (on your left, please) you will reach the state stud via Belsch to Redefin on treadable and unpaved paths along the stud trail . Take the opportunity to experience a guided tour of the state stud (please call in advance for a tour date) and be fascinated by the traditional facilities of the Redefin State Stud, where an international tournament is held annually in front of the magnificent hall entrance. If you do not want to visit the State Stud Redefin on your day trip, but would like to catch up on it during the various events, you can get directly from Belsch via Ramm to Lübbendorf. Passing the sleepy village with a few horses and a few cars - you will reach the equestrian farm Melkof, where you can also take up quarters, on treadable field and agricultural paths, over bridges to Quassel or Brömsenberg via Langenheide.

Day 5: From Melkof to Woosmerhof

Ride to Brömsenberg and from there, right at the entrance to the village, keep left coming from Redefin (first farmstead) in the direction of Lübtheen and ride along numerous field paths. Watch the various herds of cows with their calves or storks roaming the fields for food. Some shorter and longer forest sections line your way towards the villages of Jessenitz and Briest. You will then reach Vielank on the old, no longer used agricultural connecting path. Stop at the brewery in Vielank and fortify yourself and your horse before you return to Woosmerhof via the Elbe Nature Park in the direction of Neu Jabel and Tewswoos. Let the evening end with a joint barbecue at the Hof AS.


  • Route for the most part signposted

  • Please make sure to contact the accommodation in advance

  • Horse shoeing only recommended on parts of the route Redefin - Brömsenberg - Woosmerhof, not compulsory

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Wochenreittour durch die Griese Gegend
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Wochenreittour durch die Griese Gegend

19303 Woosmerhof

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