The perfect summer day in Rostock

Published: May 14, 2024

Pure summer vibes: thanks to its proximity to the Baltic Sea, the university city of Rostock also enjoys a pleasant breeze in summer. The perfect summer day with plenty of harbor flair., © TMV/Gross

Published: May 14, 2024

Summer in Rostock? Thanks to its proximity to the Baltic Sea, there is a refreshing breeze in the city. And between the historic city center and the maritime city harbor is only a stone's throw away.

The sun is shining brightly as the four friends meet at Universitätsplatz. The gabled merchants' houses date back to the Hanseatic era., © TMV/Gross

Four friends and

the perfect summer day in Rostock

The mood is exuberant when Jakob and Nele meet up with Claudi and Tom at the university square in the heart of Rostock. No wonder – the sun is shining beautifully from the sky, children are playing around the splashing fountain of joie de vivre. Sounds pathetic, but the pretty square with all kinds of water features and various figures really is called that. In any case, the summery joie de vivre doesn't just come in the form of refreshing water, and the four friends immediately set off for the nearest ice cream parlor. With delicious pistachio, coffee, mango and chocolate ice cream, it's much easier to stroll along the gabled merchants' houses from the Hanseatic era that adorn the historic city center of Rostock around Kröpeliner Straüe. Against the blue sky, the pastel colors shine particularly brightly. A pretty photo motif.

With the e-boat

glide across the Warnow

„I'd also like to get out on the water for a bit,“ Nele interjects, looking at the people on stand-up paddle boards floating past them on the Warnow. „Then let's borrow a boat,“ Claudi is enthusiastic about the idea. And so, a little later, the four of them are sitting in an emission-free electric boat. It's really easy and doesn't require a driver's license. All right, Nelly, the white boat, sails downstream at a maximum speed of just six km/h on the Warnow. Completely noiseless, by the way. But the slow speed is not annoying. Quite the opposite. This allows you to marvel at Rostock at length. The skyline of Rostock, for example, which passes friends behind the city harbour. A little wind and clouds gather, giving you the feeling of actually taking a little trip at sea. And in the middle of the city.

„Look, that looks cool!"“, Jakob points to a few yellow shipping containers standing next to each other on the quay during the boat trip. In between: colorful garlands. In front of them, a whole row of well-occupied sun loungers on the water's edge. The wind blows sociable chatter and snatches of music over to them. Tom at the wheel agrees. „Let's definitely go there right away!

With the emission-free electric boats from BoatNow, you can cruise through the city harbor in a relaxed and sustainable way - from the water, the city shines in a whole new light., © TMV/Gross
BoatNow's electric boats travel at a maximum speed of six kilometers per hour, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful view. You don't need a boating license., © TMV/Gross
Since 2018, the hip Rost Dock on the Haedge peninsula has been inviting you to hang out between old shipping containers and colorful garlands, right on the waterfront with delicious drinks and hand-carved fries., © TMV/Gross

Meeting point: Rost Dock container lounge

No sooner said than done. The four quickly became part of the hip Rost Dock on the Haedge peninsula, which has become a meeting place for creative people at the port of Rostock since it opened in 2018. The aim of founders Sascha and Samuel to actively revitalize and help shape the city harbour has paid off. While you can relax between stylish graffiti under the two gigantic blue harbour cranes with delicious cocktails, a Rostock beer and the world's best rosemary fries, just a few meters away you can swing your hips at a swing dance class or compete in Viking chess (Kubb). The Rostock city harbor around the Rost Dock has now become a place for urban encounters, and not just during the Hanse Sail.

Dancing at the Silence Disco at the Rostock city harbor at Rostdock_01, © TMV/Gross

Dancing in Rostock, but very quietly

The four friends are in luck. Today, the collective from Silent Disco Rostock is playing open air and inviting you to dance. So of course the disco is not silent, but only for those outside, because the sound comes through headphones. Claudi grins at Tom as she pushes her headphones a little away from her ear. Her ear pad glows blue – she is listening to the 80s channel. Tom and Nele, on the other hand, are glowing green and dancing to the beats that the young DJane in the glitter jacket is conjuring up live in front of them. To onlookers, it almost seems a little strange how the dancers are each fidgeting to their own, unheard rhythm from their headphones.

Then the fog machine fills the group of friends with white nothingness. The sun has long since disappeared and the moon is hiding behind the clouds. Only the glittering disco ball high up on the crane watches over this summer night in Rostock. A city between harbor and water, modernity and the Hanseatic League. Jakob raises his drink. On the bottle: a sailing ship. Cheers, you urban-maritime Rostock. Thank you for this perfect summer's day.

Excursion destinations

in Rostock and the surrounding area

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Magnificent scenery, © FM Pump GmbH

E-boat rental Boat Now

  • Am Strande, 18057 Rostock

Experience your own harbor cruise where YOU are the captain. Electric boats - license free with 6 people. No previous experience required.

Read more: "E-boat rental Boat Now"
The Rostock city port and the view from over the Warnow River, © TZRW/J. Zittlau

Rostock City Harbour

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • 18057 Rostock

The city harbour on the banks of the Warnow with its museum and sailing harbour is a popular promenade with restaurants, shopping facilities and large stores. Until the opening of the seaport in 1960, the entire cargo handling was concentrated here.

Read more: "Rostock City Harbour"
© Ronald Kley

City paddling Rostock

  • Am Haargraben, 18055 Rostock

Discover Rostock from the water! We will take you on two-hour kayak tours through the city harbor.

Read more: "City paddling Rostock"
© Classic Yacht Charter

Classic Yacht Charter

  • Stralsunder Str., 18057 Rostock

Discover Rostock and Warnemünde from the most beautiful side!

Read more: "Classic Yacht Charter"
© Zoo Rostock/Braun

Rostock Zoo

  • Open today
  • Barnstorfer Ring, 18059 Rostock

At Rostock Zoo, the best zoo in Europe, experience 4,200 animals in 430 different species from all over the world in just one day. In the DARWINEUM, you will embark on a spectacular journey through evolution. The heart of the living museum beats in the Tropical Hall - home to the gorillas and orangutans. Open daily from 9 a.m.

Read more: "Rostock Zoo"
© a-ja Resort Warnemünde

a-ja Warnemünde. The resort.

  • Zur Promenade, 18119 Rostock-Warnemünde

Finally there is the SPA vacation for all. Vacation with a-ja is new and above all affordable, comfortable, but without superfluous luxury. With a-ja you decide what belongs to your vacation and you only pay for what you really enjoy and use.

Read more: "a-ja Warnemünde. The resort."
© Hotel NEPTUN


  • Seestraße, 18119 Rostock-Warnemünde

Uniquely beautiful location directly on the beach. Each room with balcony & sea view. Culinary variety in various restaurants, the NEPTUN SPA and the certified original Thalasso Center await you.

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