Uwe Steimle & Helmut Schleich

5/16/24 in Neubrandenburg

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As Franz Josef Strauß and Erich Honecker, the two cabaret giants from Munich and Dresden already made a brilliant team on "SchleichFernsehen". Under the programmatic title "MIR san MIR ... und mir ooch!", Helmut Schleich and Uwe Steimle promise a very special kind of cabaret borderline experience.
As part of their Bavarian-Saxon friendship evening, the two cabaret artists wander along linguistic borders, fight their way through the undergrowth of clichés and discover surprising similarities and remarkable differences between the stubborn inhabitants of the two Free States. In the process, they delve into the depths of the German sensibility, uncover the secret of dialectal dialectics and finally realize: people are like people ... It goes without saying that this provides unprecedented insights into both the Bavarian and Saxon psyche. But be careful! Such a journey of research into local history brings to light questions that are as complex as they are disturbing: What does home actually mean?
What role do Catholicism and Protestantism play? Why does the Saxon find the world "fourschbar"? And is the Bavarian saying "ja, mei ..." really a world formula? Helmut Schleich is one of the most prominent figures in the German-speaking cabaret scene. Audiences have grown to love him above all as a brilliant political cabaret artist and host of his own show "SchleichFernsehen". Whether on stage, radio or TV - Helmut Schleich does away with cherished prejudices, dangerous half-truths and comfortable ignorance. His solo programs have been awarded the German Cabaret Prize and the Bavarian Cabaret Prize, among others.

Uwe Steimle is known as a cabaret artist, bestselling author and actor - from 1993 to 2009 he played Chief Inspector Jens Hinrichs in the television series "Polizeiruf 110". Sharp-tongued and charming, endearing and bizarre, laconic and authentic - that's how Steimle is known, who describes himself with a wink as the biggest petit bourgeois. His subtle irony has won him a loyal audience throughout Germany. And rightly so, as he knows like no other how to put his finger in the numerous wounds of the West.

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  • Thursday, May 16, 2024 19:30 o'clock
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House of Culture & Education Neubrandenburg

Marktplatz 1
17033 Neubrandenburg

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