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As the lead singer of the rock band CITY, Toni Krahl enlivened the German music scene for decades.
Now CITY, whose songs Krahl shaped with his unmistakable raven bel canto, has left the big stages to coincide with the band's 50th anniversary. With four gold and one platinum record, CITY was one of Germany's most enduring bands.
They were even honored with a "Golden" in Greece. With their last album "Die letzte Runde", CITY were in the top 10 of the German album charts for weeks. A sold-out arena tour crowned their farewell in 2022.
Now the band's singer and author Toni Krahl reflects on his personal experiences of this exciting journey through time and reflects on what is yet to come.
He successfully published his book "Toni Krahl's Rock Legends" some time ago
It is more than just a biography, as he describes his experiences and struggles in three very different German states. First in the GDR, associated with Stasi prison and censorship, later in the "old" FRG as a border crosser between the systems and finally in the new united Germany, as an artist and entrepreneur.
Armed only with his book and guitar, Toni Krahl goes on a musical reading tour in 2024. Toni picks up his guitar again and again, while he chats with his sidekick Kai Suttner and shares anecdotes as well as thought-provoking stories from 50 years of CITY life.

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Tony Krahl

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25.00 €

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Goods station Neubrandenburg

Am Güterbahnhof 5
17033 Neubrandenburg
0395 4555666


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