Through hawthorn savannah and colorful flowering dry grassland to steep coastal cliffs | Devin Peninsula

7/27/24 in Stralsund-Devin

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  • Saturday, Jul 27, 202419:00 - 21:00 clock
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Nature awareness hike with Sonja Schürger | biologist & landscape designer | Stralsund, participation: 10 euros

The Devin peninsula, which has been a nature reserve since 1993, is home to a rich flora in a forest-free moraine landscape and wetland biotopes, some of which are on the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Red List. The variety of landscape forms and biotope types such as birch bogs, orchid meadows and dry and nutrient-poor grasslands also provide a diverse habitat for wildlife.

On a walk through nature, we are suddenly touched by the beauty of the landscape or a flower. This can be the beginning of a real encounter if we do not habitually hurry on, but deepen this experience. Lovingly observing and recreating the experience inwardly, a dialog and a connection with the nature of the place gradually develop. In exchange with others, we notice how everyone has their own perspective. However, the various external and internal experiences complement each other to form a comprehensive overall picture of the character of the landscape.

The walk over the rolling hills in the evening allows us to consciously experience the transformation of the light, the colors and the atmosphere of the landscape. In this way, the rhythms of nature in the course of the day and year can become a living spiritual experience.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Jul 27, 2024 19:00 - 21:00 clock
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Devin nature reserve parking lot

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18439 Stralsund-Devin

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Stralsund Academy for Garden and Landscape Culture

Sarnowstraße 6D
18435 Stralsund


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