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9/15/24 in Stralsund

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  • Sunday, Sep 15, 202410:00 - 12:00 clock
Guided Tours & Tours

Guided tour with Dr. Angela Pfennig | garden historian | Stralsund, participation: 7 euros



The creation of the park on the southern bank of the Frankenteich fulfilled a long-held wish of the people of Stralsund to have a municipal park in the Frankenvorstadt district. The public garden was created as part of emergency work in 1926/27 under the direction of horticultural inspector Hans Winter in connection with the construction of a cooperative housing estate.

The Mayor's Quarter, named after former mayors of the Hanseatic City of Stralsund, is the highest quality example of this type of urban development in Stralsund. The Bürgerpark is an important public green link between Franken- and Weidendamm that has been preserved to this day and whose design is equally indebted to the garden city and public park movements. Regularly laid out garden spaces reserved for different uses, so-called "living rooms in the green", harmonize through the exciting alternation with landscaped areas along the banks of the Frankenteich and give the park its garden-artistic value.

The park on the Wulflamufer was renovated between 1997 and 2005 in line with its original idea. The implementation planning was in the hands of UmweltPlan GmbH.

During a garden history tour, the design principles, the creation, transformation and restoration of the park are explained.

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Sep 15, 2024 10:00 - 12:00 clock
Event Location

Park Wulflamufer

Wulflamufer 16
18439 Stralsund

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Stralsund Academy for Garden and Landscape Culture

Sarnowstraße 6D
18435 Stralsund


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