The little dragon coconut

11/8/24 in Waren (Müritz)

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  • Friday, Nov 8, 202416:00 - 18:00 clock
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The musical

How does a whole country fit into a small bottle? Why is Wizard Elder suddenly no longer
nice to his subjects? And what can the little dragon Coconut and his
friends do to make things right again in the land of bottles?

Important questions that urgently need to be answered.

So the little fire dragon sets off on a very special adventure. Along for the ride are
of course the clever porcupine Matilda and the food dragon Oskar (don't worry, he's

All dragon fans now have the opportunity to experience their heroes up close and live, because Ingo
Siegner's great book success is finally and exclusively coming to the big stage as an elaborate children's musical at

Dragons, dwarves and wizards play, sing and dance through the exciting story in front of a changeable stage set
. A fairytale world is waiting to be rediscovered.
The little dragon Coconut is one of the most successful children's book characters in Germany. Absolutely
rightly so, Coconut always has fun and educational adventures with his friends. Over five
million books sold, two feature films and his own series on KIKA are thanks to Ingo Siegner's
inexhaustible, cheeky and colorful fantasy world.

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Ticket adults: 29.5 €
Ticket children 3-14 years: 26.5 €

Event dates
  • Friday, Nov 8, 2024 16:00 - 18:00 clock
Event Location

Civic hall Waren

Zum Amtsbrink 9
17192 Waren (Müritz)
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Civic hall Waren

Zum Amtsbrink 9
17192 Waren (Müritz)


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