Service for orphaned parents

12/10/23 in Barth


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  • Sunday, Dec 10, 202318:00 o'clock
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Service for orphaned parents

Worldwide Candlelighting Day is dedicated to the memory of children who have died.
children who have died, whether or not these children
the light of day or not, no matter how long they lived.
they lived. Orphaned parents, siblings, friends and
friends and all those who would like to stand by their side are cordially invited
to a service in which candles will be lit for the deceased children.
will be lit for the deceased children. Whoever would like
that the name of a particular child be mentioned,
please contact Pastor Nicole Chibici- Revneanu before the service begins.

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Dec 10, 2023 18:00 o'clock
Event Location

Bible Center Barth

Sundische Straße 52
18356 Barth

038231 77662
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in the region Fischland-Darß-Zingst

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1/8/23 to 12/10/23

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