Rock Symphony Leipzig

8/23/24 in Stralsund

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  • Friday, Aug 23, 202420:00 - 22:30 clock
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| Queen cover! A rock symphony of rock symphony!


A rock concert in a class of its own - Since March 2019, Rockfonie Leipzig is back. After a creative break and social changes Rockfonie are back on tour. Their respect is for the immortal songs of Queen around Freddie Mercury.

They have always liked rock music Christa, Claus, Wolfram, Jens, Klaus and Karli. The word Fonie, which stands for sound, should complete the band name. In 1979 rock music enthusiasts of the GDR, among them Wolfram Löser (Git.) and Klaus Müller (Dr.) founded the band. Until 1987 they played rock classics, own titles (which were published by Amiga, among others) and toured through various halls and TV-recordings in Germany and abroad. Queen cover!?

They always had a soft spot for the music of the band Queen. This spirit was conjured up anew at a musician's reunion in 2017. After 30 years, there should be a reunion of the band. Unfortunately, not all former members were interested. So the missing positions were filled with seasoned musicians. Since then, Jens Pfretzschner has been at the keyboards. A studied musician, who earned his bread among other things 3 years in South Africa/Durban and at the hessian broadcast. Many also know him as the initiator of the open-air spectacle - Philharmonic Rock - at the Göltzschtal Bridge. On bass Karli, he came deep from the West. His musical cradle was in the Leipzig area. The original member of ZOE. New also and not only for the sake of the quota, the vocal department was spiced up by Christa Löser.

For years she was at home and abroad with the music service Leipzig on the road. Her counterpart Claus Kulisch, who took over Rainer Seifert's position as vocalist (who was initially a rockfonic veteran) completed the band. Since then they have been touring the country with their Queen cover program. Initially in small clubs, but in the course of time the stages became bigger, the audience more numerous. The numbers on the social network platforms testify to this. Corona, the virus that changed everything, stopped the trend of live performance. New ideas were born. Concerts moved to the net, smaller but increasingly personal. Facebook and Youtube were the new concert stages. Direct contact with fans was created and maintained.

Word got around. The audience of the - living room concerts - thanked it with the attendance of the first presence concert. About 1000 rock fans showed up! Without light and sound concept unthinkable. Gregor (sound) and Luca (light design) are the experts for it.



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Event dates
  • Friday, Aug 23, 2024 20:00 - 22:30 clock
Event Location

Church of Culture St. Jakobi Stralsund

Jacobiturmstraße 28a
18439 Stralsund
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Church of Culture St. Jakobi Stralsund

Jacobiturmstraße 28a
18439 Stralsund


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