Menage a trois

5/18/24 to 5/20/24 in Warnow

Shambles, © S. Knickrehm

The next dates:

  • Saturday, May 18, 202411:00 - 17:00 clock
  • Sunday, May 19, 202411:00 - 17:00 clock
  • Monday, May 20, 202411:00 - 17:00 clock

The project space Alte Feuerwache Warnow shows SÖNKE KNICKREHM with assemblages and installations ERIK RÜFFLER with an installation and WOLF WARNKE with painting

SÖNKE KNICKREHM has dedicated his professional life primarily to the 'word',
initially as a typesetter and finally as a text editor for renowned German magazines. For more than 20 years he has lived and worked as a freelance artist and author in
Rellingen. His material assemblages are characterized by a combination of creative visualization and wordplay. For more than 50 years he has had an inspiring friendship with Wolf Warnke.

ERIK RÜFFLER is a permanent guest with his works in the project space and this time shows his installation ' Das Auge des Betrachterś. But his actual exhibition for KUNST OFFEN 23 can be found in Gantenbek ( district of Warnow) about 4 km north, where ERIK RÜFFLER lives and works. Absolutely look at, worthwhile itself!

WOLF WARNKE is represented with large-format works, which represent a retrospective examination of ' lost ' works. Unlike last year's KUNST OFFEN, this time there are NO paintings on display!

Opening hours:

Whitsun: Sa-Mu 11-17 clock


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Event dates
  • Saturday, May 18, 2024 11:00 - 17:00 clock
  • Sunday, May 19, 2024 11:00 - 17:00 clock
  • Monday, May 20, 2024 11:00 - 17:00 clock
Event Location

Project Room Old Fire Station

Dorfstraße 25
23936 Warnow
+49 1639175759
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