Film screening as part of the "Starke Stücke" series

9/20/24 in Kasnevitz

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  • Friday, Sep 20, 202419:30 o'clock

"The uncertainty principle of love" by Lars Kraume (D 2022)

Greta (Caroline Peters) is a school secretary. She is loud, impulsive, spontaneous and lonely. A fate she shares with master butcher Alexander (Burghart Klaußner). But unlike her, he is calm, correct and loves his routines. They both long for love. When they meet one day at a bus stop and Greta kisses Alexander on the back of the neck, they are both smitten. But lively Greta is not used to truthfulness, which is why she tends to lie a lot. Alexander, on the other hand, is a truth-loving person. Despite their many differences, a love begins between them that brings them both back to life. And they both ask themselves what else they want from life.

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Event dates
  • Friday, Sep 20, 2024 19:30 o'clock
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Dorfstraße 36
18581 Kasnevitz

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Dorfstraße 36
18581 Kasnevitz


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