Meet & Greet at DeveLUP Ludwigslust

4/25/24 in Ludwigslust

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Meet & Greet at DeveLUP on Thursday, 25.04.2024, at 6 p.m. with the FutureNavigators Dr. Daniela Hameister and Nicolle Petrasch

On Thursday, 25.04.2024, at 6 p.m., Ms. Nicolle Petrasch and Dr. Daniela Hameister, who joined forces a good year ago as FutureNavigators, will present support options for those interested in founding a company. Both combine knowledge and experience in sustainability, coaching, leadership and psychology. They have accumulated this knowledge over the last 12 years through their work in companies, further education and training. In various workshops that Nicolle and Daniela have given over the last 2 years of their solo self-employment as psychological management consultants and sustainability consultants, they have repeatedly found that there is often a lack of a combination of different focal points. Either the focus was on team building or sustainability. However, a company focuses on production and profit and every minute that is not invested in these topics counts. This is exactly where your concept comes in. To support companies in both areas of focus, so that efficient added value is created and the company is positioned for the future and can withstand the competition in the current market. At the Meet & Greet, Daniela and Nicolle will present their path to founding a company and their current offers for people interested in founding a company and companies.

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To register for a Meet & Greet, please send an email to or call 03871-7226404. Your contact person is the Startup and Foundation Coordinator for the DeveLUP Future Center Henrik Wegner

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Event dates
  • Thursday, Apr 25, 2024 18:00 - 20:00 clock
Event Location

DeveLUP Ludwigslust

Garnisonsstraße 7
19288 Ludwigslust

+49 38717226400
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DeveLUP Ludwigslust

Garnisonsstraße 7
19288 Ludwigslust

+49 38717226400


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