Life in and around water - What do we know about dragonflies?

6/26/24 in Waren (Müritz)

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  • Wednesday, Jun 26, 202419:30 - 21:30 clock
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Delicate wings, large eyes: dragonflies are fascinating insects whose life begins in the water. Join us on a journey through the life cycle of the beautiful damselflies at a lecture in the Müritzeum.

Dragonflies can usually be seen near bodies of water and are one of the most successful groups of predatory insects that we can watch hunting. We are wrongly afraid of these animals because of the misconception that they can sting. In fact, they keep pests such as mosquitoes and horseflies at bay. Silke Oldorff, environmental officer of the German Scuba Diving Association, knows even more about dragonflies, as their larvae can live underwater for 2-6 years. In her lecture, part of the MiM series, on June 26, 2024 at 7:30 pm, the experienced diver will take us to the origin of a dragonfly's life.
When a larva becomes a flying damselfly, dragonflies inspire not only scientists but also photographers with their large compound eyes and delicate wings. Time and again, they are the subject of fascinating snapshots of nature. For example, a dragonfly forms the main poster motif of the current special exhibition at the Müritzeum "Multifaceted insects - diversity | endangerment | protection". The free lecture by Silke Oldorff at the Müritzeum is part of the varied program accompanying this touring exhibition.

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Jun 26, 2024 19:30 - 21:30 clock
Event Location

MÜRITZEUM - The NatureExperienceCenter in Waren (Müritz)

Zur Steinmole 1
17192 Waren (Müritz)
+49 3991 633680
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MÜRITZEUM - The NatureExperienceCenter in Waren (Müritz)

Zur Steinmole 1
17192 Waren (Müritz)
+49 3991 633680


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