Live music at Jambolaya with Jeanine Vahldiek Band

8/8/24 in Barth

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  • Thursday, Aug 8, 202419:00 o'clock
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With their fifth album "Kitschig Wunderbar", the JEANINE VAHLDIEK BAND ( once again hits the heart and soul. Their special music and refreshing style make it immediately clear: no matter what the day was like, this good mood tour works.

The unusual sounds of the orchestral harp, mixed with vocals, countless percussion instruments, ukulele bass and Hawaiian guitar, allow each song to blossom with new facets. Pop, reggae, jazz and singer-songwriter come to mind. A concert by the band is therefore very entertaining and captivates above all through the interaction between the two musicians. The fact that the two musicians' fingers, arms and legs produce a wide variety of sounds in almost unreal combinations fascinates the audience.

When Jeanine Vahldiek and Steffen Haß enter the stage, a calming lightness begins to radiate through the room. By the time they start playing, this energy has long since reached the listener, transporting them to another world in which they realize that they can decide for themselves to be happy and content. And during the announcements, you start to philosophize with amusement and realize that the evening and the earth are round and you go home feeling very comfortable.

Even before they met, their lives had taken these likeable young people around the globe. Their self-composed songs are now characterized by their diverse experiences. And the fact that a happy day certainly brings joy flows clearly into their style and music. The two trained musicians founded the JEANINE VAHLDIEK BAND in 2009 and released their fifth album "Kitschig Wunderbar" in 2019, the first with exclusively German lyrics. Other albums include "come with me" (2010), "a little courage" (2012), "blank canvas" (2014) and "no hardship" (2017).

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Event dates
  • Thursday, Aug 8, 2024 19:00 o'clock
Event Location

Café - & Cocktail Bar "Jambolaya

Am Osthafen 3
18356 Barth
038231 - 45 04 09
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Café - & Cocktail Bar "Jambolaya

Am Osthafen 3
18356 Barth
038231 - 45 04 09


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