4/13/24 to 10/19/24 in Lassan

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  • Saturday, Apr 13, 202413:00 - 00:00 clock
  • Saturday, Oct 19, 202400:00 - 14:00 clock
Lecture & Science, Wellness & Health, Nature, Outdoor Activity


Subsistence & Commonie learning time in Klein Jasedow

We invite you to join us!
How can we achieve a "good life" on a limited planet - an equitable coexistence without overexploitation and exploitation? Klein Jasedow, located on the Peenestrom opposite the Island of Usedom, is a place where people have been working on this question for decades.
This year, the Klein Jasedow living community is inviting people for the second time under the title "Lernzeit Subsistenz & Commonie": We are awarding six-month residency scholarships for the summer semester of 2024.

What can you expect?
We invite you to join us in learning, working and shaping our growing Commonie within the framework of the fields of activity and structures that have grown here. You can't expect a ready-made program, but a series of practical and theoretical inputs and the invitation to use, help maintain and shape existing infrastructures and fields of work (according to rules that have grown and been found together).
From April to October 2024 you will find a home on the Klein Jasedow camp meadow with a mud house, summer kitchen and wooden tents. Board and lodging are covered by a grant from the "Neulandgewinner" program.

What is important to us?
You have the ability to be committed and self-caring, and are willing to ask yourself again and again: What can I do to make community a success? And what can I refrain from doing to make the community a success?
You are ready to contribute your inclinations and skills to the growing fields of activity in the Klein Jasedower Commonie and to enrich them with your own ideas.
This year, people with an interest and experience in farming and building are particularly welcome.

Would you like to find out more?
Take a look at https://lernzeit.zukunftswerk-kleinjasedow.de or send Beate a short email at lernzeit@zukunftswerk-kleinjasedow.de.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Apr 13, 2024 13:00 - 00:00 clock
  • Saturday, Oct 19, 2024 00:00 - 14:00 clock
Event Location

Europäische Akademie der Heilenden Künste e. V.

Am See 1
17440 Lassan

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European Academy of Healing Arts e.V., Klein Jasedow

Am See 1
17440 Klein Jasedow / Lassan



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