KULTURTAGE DECHOW: Confusion is human

11/22/24 in Dechow

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  • Friday, Nov 22, 202420:00 - 22:00 clock
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Cabaret and tender mindfucks by and with Philipp Scharrenberg


'Mindfuck' means confusion with a method. And the confusion is there. In these confused times, we are constantly tricking and confusing ourselves. We no longer need Big Brother to monitor us - we do it voluntarily! Lulled into George Orwellness oases between small-mindedness and big data, we strive for our own self-confusion. Brave new world. The greatest freedom lies in its own abolition. But when confusion is mistaken for truth and the line between fiction and faction is blurred, nothing seems the same ...

Time to lead us astray! And who could do this better than the dis-illusionist Philipp Scharrenberg? He talks about the Gordian knots in our heads and takes the audience for a spin on the mental merry-go-round - despite all the loose screws. In poems and stories, various verses, with music and groovy algo rhythms, he sets out to untangle the convolutions of the brain and show ways out of self-deception. A whole new sense of confusion emerges. Not a ' them up there' cabaret, but a 'us down here' cabaret. A 'mindfuck' - but tender.

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Ticket Normal: 20 €

Ticket telephone 038873 / 33460 or by e-mail to kulturtage-dechow@gmx.de Reduced ticket: 17 €

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Event dates
  • Friday, Nov 22, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Village house Dechow, Dorfstraße 1

Dorfstraße 1
19217 Dechow

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