KULTURTAGE DECHOW: Festival of wordless comedy

12/6/24 in Dechow

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  • Friday, Dec 6, 202420:00 - 22:00 clock
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Pantomime with the Bodecker & Neander company

They were students of the famous mime Marcel Marceau. He called pantomime "L'Art du silence", the art of silence. Wolfram von Bodecker and Alexander Neander have a perfect command of silence. With their facial expressions and a few precise gestures, they conjure up a visual theater full of magic, poetry, wit and irony before our eyes. These optical illusions and emotions fascinate the audience and provoke storms of enthusiasm. Tears of laughter and emotion are rarely this close.

In their festival of wordless comedy, the two artists bring together the highlights from their programs, which they have now brought to over 30 countries. Whether you're a theater lover, an older person, in the middle of life or a child: this theater experience makes everyone happy.

Director: Lionel Ménard


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Ticket Normal: 20 €

Admission 19:30, free choice of seats, 20 minutes intermission Reduced ticket: 17 €

for pupils/students

Advance ticket sales from February 1, 2024

Ticket telephone 038873 33460 or by email kulturtage-dechow@gmx.de

Event dates
  • Friday, Dec 6, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Village house Dechow, Dorfstraße 1

Dorfstraße 1
19217 Dechow

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Culture days Dechow

Dorfstraße 1
19217 Dechow



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