Emperor's New World

6/15/24 in Ahrenshoop

Emperor's New World, © Marcus Engler

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  • Saturday, Jun 15, 202410:00 - 12:00 clock
Jazz & Chanson

as part of the 23rd Ahrenshoop Jazz Festival

Frank Kaiser (g), Valentin Butt (p), Lukas Growe (kb), Hans Otto (dr)

With his international quartet "Kaisers New World", Frank Kaiser breaks down the boundaries of musical pigeonholes. With his boys on accordion, drums and bass, he unleashes an eruption of virtuosity on which the musicians let off steam like on a "playground for adults" (Jazzthetik 3/23). His compositions make you dream and immerse yourself in wonderfully fictitious worlds. Modern jazz is effortlessly combined with catchy melodies, funky rhythms and classical elements. Kaiser's compositions are sometimes atmospheric, sometimes playful, spirited and surprising. Pieces like "Black Mustang" are driven by a groove reminiscent of the cult car of the 60s. "Septomania" consistently experiments with the interval that gives the song its title, creating an astonishing expanse. "Sleepless in LE" lets the listener feel their own urban pulse. "Leipzig Tango" is a homage to the Argentine tango. With "1001" one senses oriental romanticism.

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Admission with the jazz flag (from 18 years) for all concerts in the village, on four days

  • 20 €

The jazz flag entitles you to attend all concerts of the 23rd Ahrenshooper Jazzfest with the exception of the concerts on the main stage in Eva's summer garden.
For the concerts on the main stage, a one-way ticket or a festival ticket must be purchased, in which the jazz flag is included.

Flags are available here:

  • Kurverwaltung Ahrenshoop
  • in all participating event venues from June 05, 2024
Event dates
  • Saturday, Jun 15, 2024 10:00 - 12:00 clock
Event Location

Eva's summer garden

Dorfstraße 16b
18347 Ahrenshoop

038220 6666 10
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Kirchnersgang 2
18347 Ahrenshoop

038220 6666 10


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