Jürgen von der Lippe

9/4/24 in Neubrandenburg

2024-09-04 Jürgen von der Lippe, © Andre Kowalski

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Jürgen von der Lippe on his new program:

As a formulation aid for the introduction, perhaps: "Voll Fett" is what the grand old man of the diaphragm shake calls his latest comedy program and this title is -as always- ambiguous, or polysemous, as I would say as an old-timer. On the one hand, it could mean: I'm much younger than I weigh, or be youth slang (juvenolect) for "really great".

The most obvious innovation is a giant screen as a stage backdrop, with which I am fulfilling a long-cherished wish: to create comedy with the help of pictures and small films, as I did for 10 years with "Geld oder Liebe". My inexhaustible private archive provides the ammunition for this, and in a few cases, when it's appropriate, also what comes at me every day via WhatsApp. You can also constantly change the background mood.

The program begins with a turbulent seminar on youth language, in which the audience is involved, then some differences between old and young are explained that most people were previously unaware of: Television behavior, what can be learned from young children and sex.

Then I explain why the photo function of the cell phone is the most important for me, followed by a first round of powerful visual material.

After a virtuoso instrumental short version of "When a man loves a woman", I show the depths of couple relationships with a focus on shared bedrooms, formally based on Hegel, not his bedroom, but his dialectic, thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

Just as I indulge in memories - appropriate to my age - of which Jean Paul says that they are the only paradise from which we cannot be driven away, I now look back on the three most beautiful love songs of my career.I now look back at the three most beautiful love songs of my career, which I have streamlined into a heartbreaking medley that left the many women in the audience so emotionally shaken that I felt compelled to counteract this with a very uplifting little animal film.

This is followed by a lecture on the differences between male and female perspectives, taking into account the latest findings in animal biology. After a short digression on Epicurus and his views on weighing up fleeting pleasure against the long-term consequences, the text comes to a brilliant end with a thoroughly self-deprecating look at sex in old age. The first half ends with an acclaimed demonstration of the German pop artists who played an important role in my childhood biography in terms of health and mental health.

Part 2 is introduced by old rocker Kalle, who talks about his experiences of flying.

Then a brief outline of the current state of alcohol-related science, including the fact that people are better at solving puzzles under the moderate influence of alcohol, which I have some ladies in the audience, who perhaps once flirted with a career as a newsreader, document with the help of nasty test texts. After insights into my planned doctoral thesis: "Popular drinking phrases and songs through the ages", a new community-promoting drinking song follows.

This is followed by a look back at my "wild" times, of course only to explain how psychosomatic illnesses develop. Before that, I make it clear that I am not, as is often claimed, a hypochondriac, but a nosophobic.

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Sep 4, 2024 20:00 o'clock
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House of Culture & Education Neubrandenburg

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