Home, harbor and moor

10/23/24 in Greifswald

© Caspar David Friedrich, Greifswald im Mondschein, 1817, Nationalmuseum Oslo

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  • Wednesday, Oct 23, 202412:00 o'clock
Naturally Romantic

Art break for the exhibition "Heimatstadt" with Henriette Maxin

Hometown or adopted home, meadow or moor, draughtsman or painter, leaving or returning home - how are these moments integrated into Caspar David Friedrich's life? This art break focuses on the unbroken connection between Greifswald and Dresden. Selected originals show what home can mean and how a city behind the meadows is connected to contemporary nature conservation. Admission: 5,00 € With Caspar David Friedrich through the year 2024 - we are there!

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Oct 23, 2024 12:00 o'clock
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