"High in the sea of air". Heinrich von Kleist as a tourist in the Giant Mountains

11/7/24 in Greifswald

© Noch einige Jahre später erinnerte sich Kleist an den Kynast: „da war Alles so weit, so groß“ (Brief vom 16. Dezember 1801).  "Der Kynast" Lithographie um 1840, Kleist-Museum

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  • Thursday, Nov 7, 202419:00 o'clock
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as part of the CDF 2024 salon series

The longing for untouched nature made the Krkonoše Mountains an attractive travel destination in the 18th century. A destination that inspired: World-famous paintings bear witness to Caspar David Friedrich's hikes through this region, and one of Heinrich von Kleist's first poems sings of the sunrise on the Schneekoppe. Traveling to the Krkonoše Mountains became fashionable around 1800. This is evidenced by the numerous travel guides that described Silesia as a land of untouched nature and honest people. In July 1799, Heinrich von Kleist, together with his siblings Ulrike and Leopold, also undertook a trip to the Giant Mountains. They traveled via Sagan, Bunzlau, Flinsberg and Hirschberg to Warmbrunn, visited the ruins of Kynast Castle and hiked to the Kochel and Zackel Falls. The highlight - as for all travelers - was the ascent of the Schneekoppe; Kleist wrote a poem in the guest book of the Hampelbaude - "on the morning I came from the Schneekoppe": his "Hymn to the Sun". On this evening, Dr. Barbara Gribnitz from the Kleist Museum in Frankfurt/Oder will take you on a journey to the Giant Mountains. Admission is free. Registrations at: CasparDavid250@greifswald.de or by telephone on: 03834-85362141.

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