Hans Howitz - Piano concert with synthesizer at Tressow Castle

11/30/24 in Tressow

Piano concert on 20.04.2024 in the Haus des Gastes (Graal-Müritz)., © André Pristaff (Marketing/Event) Tourismus und Kur GmbH Graal-Müritz

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  • Saturday, Nov 30, 202420:00 - 22:00 clock
Rock, Pop & Electronic Music, World Music

With his unique fusion of piano, synthesizer and orchestral elements, Hans Howitz creates a film music aesthetic that transports the audience into fantastic soundscapes.

Hans Howitz, pianist and composer from Rostock, opens up a fascinating world of sounds and emotions at his concerts. His extraordinary ability to improvise allows his compositions to take on a life of their own and transforms every concert into an unforgettable experience for musicians and listeners alike.

He weaves synthesizers, warm Rhodes sounds and orchestral elements into a stirring musical composition that creates an incomparable film music aesthetic. His unique fusion of these sound elements creates a captivating atmosphere and transports the listener into a world of sound that seems tailor-made for the silver screen.

In the magical moments of his performances, atmospheric sounds combine with dreamy melodies, followed by powerful passages and hypnotizing, repetitive arpeggios.

A fascinating note of dark mysticism enriches his sound and characterizes his unmistakable style.

With his concerts, Hans Howitz creates a meditative atmosphere that invites the audience to "come home" to themselves and at the same time embark on an inspiring journey of discovery into distant worlds. His music draws the audience into fantastic soundscapes where hidden treasures of the subconscious are waiting to be discovered...

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Nov 30, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
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Hans Howitz

18147 Rostock


in the region Baltic Coast Mecklenburg

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