Guided hike "Goose roost Krakower Obersee"

10/26/24 in Glave

In the winter months, the Krakow Upper Lake serves as a resting and roosting area for northern geese and swans., © Ralf Ottmann

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  • Saturday, Oct 26, 202417:00 - 20:00 clock
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Discovery tour: The Krakow Upper Lake has been a well-known resting and breeding area for numerous waterfowl species for many decades. In the winter months, it serves as a resting and roosting area for Nordic geese and swans.

Especially during the fall migration in November and December, up to 15,000 bean geese and white-fronted geese arrive at the lake at dusk, creating a great spectacle. The excursion will accompany the arrival of the geese. Please remember to bring warm clothing and binoculars.

Insect allergy sufferers can only take part if they bring an allergy emergency kit!

ATTENTION: Due to a specified participant limit of 15 people, registration by telephone on 0385 760 9995 is required!

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Oct 26, 2024 17:00 - 20:00 clock
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Glaver Koppel
18292 Glave

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Mecklenburgstraße 7
19053 Schwerin

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