7/14/24 in Neubrandenburg

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  • Sunday, Jul 14, 202415:00 o'clock
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Left-wing politician Gregor Gysi in conversation with journalist Hans-Dieter Schütt

Gregor Gysi shaped left-wing thinking and became one of its most important protagonists. He brings the designs and disappointments of the 20th century to life in a very personal way. The lawyer becomes a politician. "I never wanted to just run away," says Gysi, striking at the core of his character: enduring contradictions.

A life and a family history, but always linked in his stories with a wink at current references and the political issues of our time. "The moderation of the event is in the hands of journalist Hans-Dieter Schütt, who knows how to combine his questions with those of the audience in a way that makes them curious about the interviewee.

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Jul 14, 2024 15:00 o'clock
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St. Mary´s Concert Curch

An der Marienkirche
17033 Neubrandenburg

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Arivati Entertainment UG (limited liability)

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