From the sea, the moor and the heath

11/16/24 in Kröpelin

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  • Saturday, Nov 16, 202415:00 - 17:00 clock
Theatre & Stage, Literature

a staged reading with Jürgen Wegscheider and Markus Maria Winkler

The two actors Jürgen Wegscheider and Markus Maria Winkler take you on an exciting literary journey through the north of Germany. They tell of the longing for the big world, of the vastness and the eternal horizon, of the forces of nature and the roaring sound of the sea, of Hamburg and other cities, of the whispering of the moor and the blooming heath. Hermann Allmers, Theodor Storm, Wolfgang Borchert, Stine Andresen, Detlev von Liliencron, but also Wilhelm Busch, Joachim Ringelnatz, Friedrich Hebbel, Heinrich Heine, Annette von Droste-Hülshoff and Christian Morgenstern have their say on the various stages of this journey. Ship ahoy and cast off and welcome aboard!

Markus Maria Winkler, himself a native of Wilhelmshaven, has performed at the Südbayerisches Theaterfestival, the touring theater Das Ensemble Jacob-Schwiers and the Festspielhaus in Munich, among others. Together with his colleague Jürgen Wegscheider, he performs his own literary programs in German-speaking countries. Markus Maria Winkler celebrates his 26th stage anniversary in 2023.
Carinthian Jürgen Wegscheider has performed at theaters in Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Essen and has toured theaters. He travels all over Germany with his mainly literary-cabaret programs. Both artists are delighted to be able to come to the Kröpeliner Mühle again and again with their programs.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Nov 16, 2024 15:00 - 17:00 clock
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Kröpelin retractable mill

Schulstr. 10
18236 Kröpelin
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