FAUST'n'ROLL - Rock theater based on Goethe

9/20/24 in Parchim

Student performance at 11am on 20.09.2024. Tickets only available at info@roccopera.de. For more information and impressions as well as pictures and videos of Faust'n'Roll visit our website: www.faustnroll.de., © Michael Manthey

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  • Friday, Sep 20, 202419:30 - 22:30 clock
Rock, Pop & Electronic Music, Theatre & Stage

FAUST'N'ROLL-ROCKTHEATER AFTER GOETHE was produced based on Goethe's texts as a touring theater from the Brocken to the world in the style of steampunk with a rock band and large ensemble. With wit, charm, beautiful costumes and digital effects, the production inspires with freshness and respect for the timeless material.

FAUST 'N'ROLL was produced according to an idea by Michael Manthey, based on the texts by Johann Wolfgang Goethe. FAUST'n'Roll - Rocktheater based on Goethe is a touring theater and is also performed regularly on the Brocken as FAUST auf dem Brocken - Rocktheater based on Goethe.

The subject matter of FAUST'n'Roll is strongly reminiscent of the fantasy world of steampunk, which is skillfully woven into the story and the gestures of the characters. Steampunk is a role-playing genre in which an alternative reality to our world of the combustion engine and electrical engineering prevails. It is set in the late 19th and early 20th century. People wear technically modified fashion from the Victorian era. Top hats, corsages and frock coats characterize the style. So do the protagonists of FAUST'n'Roll, who feel at home in these wonderful costumes. Just like the play with the time levels, the costumes and the digital stage design create wonderful leaps through the world of Goethe's roles.

The cast of FAUST'n'Roll are all full professionals in the musical business and the stage musicians are a highly professional live band, who play soft rock ballads just as rousingly as pop songs that make you want to dance and bombastic stadium rock anthems.

With wit and charm, catchy tunes and popular hits, special effects and great acting and singing skills, FAUST'n'Roll has breathed new life into the classic as rock theater according to Goethe and will continue to inspire many generations to come with this timeless material.

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Event dates
  • Friday, Sep 20, 2024 19:30 - 22:30 clock
Event Location

Parchim City Hall

Putlitzer Straße 56
19370 Parchim

Contact the organiser

Merlin Kähler

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 4
99947 Bad Langensalza

+49 17664695763


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