Dr. Leon Windscheid

4/10/24 in Neubrandenburg

2024-04-10 Dr. Leon Windscheid, © Marvin Ruppert

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  • Wednesday, Apr 10, 202420:00 o'clock
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GOOD FEELINGS - Psychology Live

Whether it's his #1 Spiegel bestseller "BESSER FÜHLEN", his podcast "Betreutes Fühlen" with Atze Schröder, which already has over 4.5 million subscribers, or his work as a presenter on "Terra Xplore" on ZDF: Dr. Leon Windscheid has put science-based psychology on the map and is undoubtedly the shooting star of science communication. During his first live tour "Altes Hirn, neue Welt" (Old brain, new world), he has already thrilled tens of thousands of people in sold-out halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now he is going on tour with his second program "GUTE GEFÜHLE".
Psychology live - Dr. Leon Windscheid keeps this promise by taking his audience on a fast-paced expedition into the legendary "world of feelings" in his new stage show.

How does a feeling arise? Why do we humans feel at all? How do we manage to like ourselves? When does love work? What does friendship do to us? How do emotional wounds heal? And what are the good sides of fear, sadness and anger?
Dr. Leon Windscheid provides answers and surprising approaches that help us to better understand our feelings. The psychologist offers surprising insights into the latest research and provides scientifically sound impulses. He shows how much pressure our toxically positive society puts on our feelings, how we can free ourselves from it and whether it is even possible to live a life with only good feelings. As always, armed with tips and food for thought for our everyday lives. The result is a show full of live experiments with the audience, in which laughter and thoughtfulness intertwine perfectly. Leon serves up fascinating science in an easily digestible way. Leon LIVE! Those who come will take something away with them - and have a great evening.
Just "GOOD FEELINGS". That's a promise!

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Apr 10, 2024 20:00 o'clock
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St. Mary´s Concert Curch

An der Marienkirche
17033 Neubrandenburg

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