Dorit Gäbler - Chanson evening

10/18/24 in Stralsund

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  • Friday, Oct 18, 202419:30 - 22:00 clock
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| Portrait of Hildegard Knef drawn by Dorit Gäbler


In Hildegard Knef's autobiographical novel "Der geschenkte Gaul", which is an international bestseller, has been translated into 17 languages and has also received critical acclaim as a literary work, Hildegard Knef draws portraits of her companions and comrades-in-arms.

Through these portraits, which are concise and expressive, the personality of this strong-willed woman is presented over the course of the evening. She went on tour with songs she had written herself.

Some of the most beautiful will be performed on this evening, her "Ich brauch Tapetenwechsel", "Berlin, dein Gesicht hat Sommersprossen"; "Ich brauch kein Venedig"; "Für mich soll's rote Rosen regnen", but of course also the famous others such as: "Aber schön war es doch", "Eins und eins" "Du bist mein Salz in der Suppe", "Guten Morgen Paul", "Ich glaub'ne Dame werd ich nie", "Nichts haut mich um, aber du", "Ich hab mich so an dich gewöhnt" and others.

Some of Hildegard Knef's philosophical texts will be spoken and her recording and touring activities recalled. Life threw Hildegard Knef out of the saddle often enough. She always got back on her feet and never gave room to self-pity. Her Berlin "So what?", described as a "life preserver", has preserved her for us as a courageous, creative, warm-hearted artist who always looked ahead.


One of the aims of this portrait of Hildegard Knef is to pass on this will to fight, this courage to face life.


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Tickets are available at the Stralsund Tourist Office, online via Reservix and at the box office.

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Tickets are available at the Stralsund Tourist Office, online via Reservix and at the box office.

Event dates
  • Friday, Oct 18, 2024 19:30 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Church of Culture St. Jacobi

Jacobiturmstraße 28 a
18439 Stralsund

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Jacobiturmstraße 28a
18439 Stralsund


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