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2024-03-08 Dirk Michaelis

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Dirk Michaelis is a grateful man. When he accepts the offer to become the singer in a legendary band with former Renft musicians, he gives them and himself their biggest hit.
biggest hit. "Als ich fortging" is the name of the timeless work that has long held a firm place in the annals of sophisticated German pop. The ballad-like song has been and continues to be covered like no other. There are punk, jazz, a cappella, techno, harmonica and trumpet versions; the song has been translated into Portuguese, Spanish and Greek; Clueso, Rosenstolz and Tokio Hotel have also sung it.

"Als ich fortging", which celebrates its 35th anniversary since its first release in 2022, is exemplary of Dirk Michaelis' musical work. They are always songs by a very approachable singer. Songs that are highly emotional and far removed from the sluggish mainstream of the New German Sensibility. Songs that are often gentle, but never powerless. Songs that you have to listen to, that challenge the audience and yet are infused with that simple pop appeal with which majorities are won over.
"Stilles Dorf", "Seelenverwandt", "Wo willst du hin", "Ich möchte mir gehörn", "Feld aus Gold" or more recent songs such as "Heimat".nger dates such as "Heimat" and "Alles wird gut" (a duet with his daughter Anouk) represent a versatile oeuvre with atmospheric density and profound poetry. On his solo debut "Rockchansongs" from 1992, which was followed by ten more albums to date, the charismatic musician made it clear with his soulful compositions that he should not be reduced to just the big hit.
Dirk Michaelis can now look back on an artistic career spanning four decades. It includes joint tours with Dirk Zöllner (Die Zöllner) and André Herzberg (Pankow) as "Die 3HIGHligen"; the program "Seelenverwandt" together with the poet Gisela Steineckert, who wrote many other lyrics for him in addition to "Heimat" and "Als ich fortging"; two albums on which he translated songs by Sting, Norah Jones and Paul McCartney into German; duets with Sarah Connor, Matthias Reim and José Carreras; his involvement in the children's album project "Hier lebst du" and his participation in "Rocklegenden" alongside Maschine, Silly and City in 2022. As different as the individual stations are, they have one thing in common: Dirk Michaelis reaches hearts and minds in equal measure with everything he does.
A basis for where Dirk Michaelis and his songs belong - on the stage! Whether in a trio, with a big band or solo. Artful yet light, he proves to be a veritable entertainer; his performances benefit from a fascinating mixture of apparent understatement, a sensitive feel for nuances and exuberant musicality.
Dirk Michaelis is a grateful man. First and foremost to his audience, who remain loyal to him, also because he never underestimates them.
Dirk Michaelis is an official ambassador for the Josè Carreras Leukemia Foundation and supports many charitable projects, including "Amnesty International".

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2024-03-08 Dirk Michaelis

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  • Friday, Mar 8, 2024 20:00 o'clock
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