3/25/25 in Waren (Müritz)

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  • Tuesday, Mar 25, 202519:30 - 22:00 clock
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Best of Irish Dance

Combine a pinch of Irish joie de vivre with breathtaking tap dancing at the highest level. This is the recipe for success of the DANCE MASTERS, who will captivate you with their passion in no time at all. Ireland is notorious for its dance culture, the rhythm is in the blood of the Irish - and it's contagious.

One look at their faces and you'll know what unites this culture. It's a feeling of freedom, a kind of euphoria that expresses: let's preserve our art, let's enjoy the moment, because happiness can only be found here. And they are the best at it.

Of course, they don't cheat. With their life-affirming attitude, they love and live their art and inspire in a fascinating way. This only works with music sung and played live. The Irish band skillfully accompanies the love story of Patrick and Kate with guitar rhythms, fiddle sounds with traditional pipes and original Irish vocals. They are authentic, you have to give them that. Irish step dancers perform in authentic costumes to unique Irish melodies. Nimble step sequences, melodic clicking dances and traditional Irish folk music enchant you on a journey through the Ireland of the last 200 years.

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Ticket PK 1 Normal: 64.9 €
Ticket PK 1 children 7-12 years: 32.45 €
Ticket PK 1 group from 10p: 59.9 €
Ticket PK 2 Normal: 57.9 €
Ticket PK 2 children 7-12 years: 28.95 €
Ticket PK 2 group from 10p: 52.9 €
Ticket PK 3 Normal: 49.9 €
Ticket PK 3 children 7-12 years: 24.95 €
Ticket PK 3 group from 10P: 44.9 €

Event dates
  • Tuesday, Mar 25, 2025 19:30 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Civic hall Waren

Zum Amtsbrink 9
17192 Waren (Müritz)
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Civic hall Waren

Zum Amtsbrink 9
17192 Waren (Müritz)