Concert evening: Folk & Swing

5/9/24 in Greifswald


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  • Thursday, May 9, 202419:30 - 23:00 clock
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Tjango - Swing Tango etc. | Symbio - Folktronica


This band mixes the dance music style tango with the first name of gipsy swing founder Django Reinhardt in its name, and it rightly apostrophizes him with an exclamation mark! This also names the main ingredients of the sound of Antti Leinonen (accordion), Tero Hyväluoma (violin) - he already played in the furious super septet Frigg at Nordischer Klang -, Tarmo Anttila (double bass) and Juha Savela (guitar). The music journalist Susanna Vainiola describes the music as follows: "As if they had scoured the noble tango salons in Buenos Aires as well as the jazz clubs of the Latin Quarter in Paris. In addition to their classical training, they also know the streets and know that the sunset is just as beautiful whether you watch it from the top of a garbage tip or from a palace balcony." Let's look forward to a concert full of warm-heartedness, virtuosity and humor.





One of the most spectacular bands on the Nordic folk & world music scene! With a magical interplay of hurdy-gurdy and accordion, an electrifying stage presence and captivating original compositions, the duo has already toured in more than 20 countries. Virtuoso folk and electronic dance music shine in optimistic melodies, dreamy soundscapes and hypnotic club beats. You have your doubts when you hear Johannes Geworkian Hellman on the hurdy-gurdy - completely freed from the haze of medieval markets - and electronics together with Lars Emil Öjeberget on accordion and stompbox. Is it really just two musicians?

The two graduates of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm met at a jam session in 2011, and when they played together for the first time, they felt the aforementioned energetic symbiosis develop between them. And right after their first meeting, they decided to form Symbio. Since then, their journey as a duo has continued, taking them to new places musically and geographically. Their latest LP Endavour won the award for Best Album of the Year at the Swedish Folk & World Music Awards 2023. Symbio's fourth album will be released in spring 2025.


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Ticket Normal: 17 €
Reduced ticket: 11 €
Ticket Klangkarte: 6 €

Event dates
  • Thursday, May 9, 2024 19:30 - 23:00 clock
Event Location

St. Spiritus Greifswald

Lange Straße 49/51 49/51
17489 Greifswald

Contact the organiser

Cultural Association Nordic Sound e.V.

Ernst-Lohmeyer-Platz 3
17489 Greifswald


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