Clown Conny and the message in a bottle - children's play

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Clown Conny and the message in a bottle - children's play


Children make waves! There! A message in a bottle comes swimming in. What will it contain? Maybe a genie in a bottle or a plan for a treasure island? No! Two completely different treasures: A magic salt and the Blue Shroud of Oblivion. Oh children, be careful that Clown Conny doesn't just get up to mischief with it! A fun children's program to shout, blow, sing and play along.

The event is free of charge with your UsedomCard (show it when required).
Subject to change. As of March 2024.

Photo: © KIECK-Theater, Weimar
Parking spaces near the concert shell
The concert shell in the Baltic resort of Trassenheide is located directly on the beach promenade. Sufficient bicycle stands are available on site. If you arrive by car, you can park it in the Strandstraße/Dünenstraße parking lot for a fee. Please enter Dünenstraße 2 into the navigation system. The entrance to the parking lot is on the left-hand side of the street. It is approx. 300 m to the concert shell.
The Festwiese and VOSTRA parking lots in front of the Trassenmoor train stop are also available as alternative parking spaces (subject to a charge). It is approx. 1 km to the concert shell.
Note on rain protection at the concert shell
The concert area is equipped with 6 umbrellas to ensure a pleasant stay whatever the weather. Except in stormy weather, these umbrellas will be opened by our colleagues on site so that you can listen to the event under shelter (limited capacity under the umbrellas).
Note toilets at the concert shell
There are several public toilets in the immediate vicinity of the concert shell (Strandstraße/on the beach promenade - beach access 9G), which can be used free of charge. The toilet building located directly on Strandstraße is equipped with a disabled toilet. A Euro key is required for this.


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  • Monday, Jul 15, 2024 10:30 - 11:30 clock
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17449 Trassenheide

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Kurverwaltung Trassenheide

Strandstraße 36
17449 Trassenheide


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