Children's program: "Pirate life is funny"

10/18/21 to 10/11/24 in Koserow

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  • Friday, Oct 11, 202415:30 - 16:15 clock
Children, Theatre & Stage

Children's program: "Pirate life is funny"

with the puppet theater Schnuppe from the Island of Rügen

Pinkus wants to play, but he has to clean up.
For dinner there is vegetable soup, but he wants pancakes.
And his mom doesn't want to promise him a real football goal for his birthday, after all, you can't always have, eat and do everything you want!
Pinkus would rather go to the pirates, they always do what they want! That's what Willma, the pirate boss, says too, and she invites him to set sail with her!
Now an exciting time begins for Pinkus!
Do you want to know what he experiences and whether he returns home safe and sound at the end?
Then come and experience an adventurous journey with Pinkus!
For children aged 4 and over
Admission free.
Due to the current corona regulations, prior registration is urgently required. Persons over 6 years of age must present a negative rapid test
, be recovered or fully vaccinated.

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Event dates
  • Monday, Oct 18, 2021 15:30 - 16:15 clock
  • Friday, Oct 11, 2024 15:30 - 16:15 clock
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17459 Koserow

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