Charlie Eitner & Friends - Dunkelklang

6/15/24 in Ahrenshoop

Eitner&Friends Dunkelklang, © Alejandro Blau

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  • Saturday, Jun 15, 202413:00 - 15:00 clock
Jazz & Chanson

root & blue as part of the 23rd Ahrenshooper Jazzfest

Sören Birke (du, harp), Alejandro Blau (did, perc), Charlie Eitner (g)

DUNKELKLANG tells captivating sound stories and lets a kaleidoscope of colors resound. DUNKELKLANG presents a powerful fusion of rhythm, sound and silence. This time up north, where the sun shines and the waves trek onto the beach. DUNKELKLANG explores the sources of archaic sounds and brings the subtle nuances of overtones and undertones to life. The mission of this session is to merge the original acoustic sounds with modern sound technology. DUNKELKLANG invites you into the sound laboratory: powerful, meditative and rhythmic - with familiar to innovative sounds. A concert journey that immerses you in images and sound stories. The trio moves skillfully between silence and a fusion of sounds ranging from guitar, didgeridoo and jew's harp to harmonica and duduk.

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The jazz flag entitles you to attend all concerts of the 23rd Ahrenshooper Jazzfest with the exception of the concerts on the main stage in Eva's summer garden.
For the concerts on the main stage, a one-way ticket or a festival ticket must be purchased, in which the jazz flag is included.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Jun 15, 2024 13:00 - 15:00 clock
Event Location

Garden of the Ahrenshoop Art Museum

Weg zum Hohen Ufer 36
18347 Ahrenshoop
038220 66790
Contact the organiser

Kirchnersgang 2
18347 Ahrenshoop

038220 6666 10


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