Cabaret "Schön im Eimer"

7/31/24 in Rerik

Nice in the bucket

25.00 €

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  • Wednesday, Jul 31, 202419:00 - 21:00 clock
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Leipzig Peppermill / 25,00€

Better beautiful in a bucket than ugly in Paris - say Meigl Hoffmann, audience favorite and cabaret artist from the Leipzig Pfeffermühle, and Munich-born Peter Percy, celebrated actor and singer. Two arch-comedians with a penchant for artistic intelligence and the courage to be self-ironic. Because where we are trapped by circumstances, only laughter can have a liberating effect. And the two birds of paradise are the escape kings from the prison of everyday life.

SCHÖN IM EIMER is a cheerfully critical, witty and imaginative cabaret satire. Here, playfulness meets musicality and humor meets profundity. Fast-paced and amusing. You can laugh and think! The two artists never know better, they always know differently - and sometimes not at all: has the earth's axis already shifted or are we citizens just out of balance? If all parties are the new center, why are the fringes getting stronger? Is Olaf's turnaround catching us on the wrong foot or are we catching time on the wrong chancellor? Are we living beyond our means or below our means? Can black-and-white thinking make change too colorful? Is our center a black hole and are we the ballet troupe on the event horizon? And strangely, what's in the bucket actually belongs in the garbage can...

Meigl Hoffmann and Peter Percy cordially invite you to their comedic and light-hearted cabaret satire. Two unconditional optimists always have their eyes on the future and a laugh in their pockets. Or as the two of them say with a wink: Eimer geht noch rein!


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Nice in the bucket

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25.00 €

Price: 25.00€


Event dates
  • Wednesday, Jul 31, 2024 19:00 - 21:00 clock
Event Location

House of encounter "Kösterschün

Dünenstraße 4a
18230 Rerik
+49 (0) 38296 78429
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Spa administration Rerik

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18230 Rerik
+49 38296 78429
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