Basic seminar Taoist face reading

3/1/24 to 4/5/24 in Wieck am Darss

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The door opener to a self-determined life! For you, your family and your professional development. An exciting seminar to get to the bottom of your purpose, to recognize your uniqueness and to find and live your calling.

Recognize your potential, use your possibilities and develop new perspectives for yourself!
Who you really are and what you can be has been written on your face since birth
To be able to read something written, you first need to master the language. Here you will learn the alphabet to understand the language of people's faces
In Taoist Face Reading, you learn how to touch others' hearts by recognizing their true nature. It is your birthright to allow yourself this same depth of insight.
What will you learn in this seminar?
- You will get to know the cycle model of the Chinese world view and derive the assignment of your facial features from it
- You will learn what features such as nose, ears, eyes, mouth and jaw reveal about your personality
- You will learn what the size, proportion and position of facial features mean and what they say about you
- You get an introduction to how the challenges in your life manifest themselves in your face
- You recognize how you see yourself with the help of the "How am I really" personality test and you learn how well the results match the signs on your face
- You will learn which of the 5 element types you belong to based on the characteristics of your face and what this says about your personality
- You will find out which talents and abilities each element type has brought into this life and how you can activate them.

380,- Euro incl. meals and extensive documentation.
Registration at or 015227788881.
We look forward to seeing you!

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Event dates
  • Friday, Mar 1, 2024 09:00 - 17:00 clock
  • Saturday, Mar 9, 2024 09:00 - 17:00 clock
  • Friday, Mar 29, 2024 09:00 - 17:00 clock
  • Friday, Apr 5, 2024 09:00 - 17:00 clock
Event Location

Hotel Haferland

Bauernreihe 5 A
18375 Wieck am Darss
+49 (0)38233 680
Contact the organiser

MeerSEIN Academy GmbH

Bäckergang 10
18375 Born a. Darß
+49 15227788881


in the region Fischland-Darß-Zingst

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