Argentinian night, ensemble "Milonga Sentimental"

8/11/24 in Sagard

Argentinian night: "Milonga Sentimental" ensemble, © Verein für Musik und Kunst Jasmund e.V.

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  • Sunday, Aug 11, 202418:00 o'clock
World Music, Classical Music

A musical journey for the soul! Una Noche Argentina - An Argentinian night! With the ensemble "Milonga Sentimental"

The Milonga Sentimental ensemble takes you into the passionate, sonorous and rhythmic world of Argentine tango. The ensemble consists of three virtuoso musicians and is accompanied by the incomparable voice of Marlena Grandoni. The ensemble was founded by accordionist and composer Andres Grandoni in 2004. Today they give concerts in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland, including at the Philharmonie Berlin.

The press: "All in all, a stroke of luck!" - " A wonderful soul-warming tango evening" "The Milonga Sentimental ensemble is a perfect team that knows how to unfold all the magic of tango and completely captivates its audience."

While the Argentine tango is an expression of melancholy, sadness and the irrepressible pride of the Argentine, the milonga expresses joy, the joy of life and, above all, the joy of music. Andres Grandoni is the director and will also lead through the program.

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Admission: advance booking 17€, box office 20€

Advance booking: Schreibwaren Müller (Bergen), Drogerie Fritsch Sassnitz), Boy's Tours (Binz) and via

Event dates
  • Sunday, Aug 11, 2024 18:00 o'clock
Event Location

August-Bebel-Straße16 38
18551 Sagard

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Association for Music and Art Jasmund e.V.

Apollonienmarkt 12
18551 Sagard


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